Dear Etsy. Please stop bleeding me dry with your promos...

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Original Post

I can't ship for free, so your weekend promos suggesting sellers who do so really hurts me. My prices are not inflated enough to absorb 10-15% as a gimmick, and I resent that you are continously floating this prospect in your Etsy emails.

Additionally, featuring articles on the Storque that suggest Etsy sellers include freebies and fancy packaging for mailers REALLY BITES because I keep my expenses as low as I can go and official articles sponsored by ETSY (via the Storque) imply FREEBIES AND SPECIAL PACKAGINGS are the NORM here - - and at just about $15 per average sale here per your monthly stats, FEW of us are able to withstand this onslaught of FREE crap you are promoting.

Could you please go back to chatting up the benefits of HANDMADE, not factory produced, and not suggest we send along all of our profits in pretty mailers or freebies? I make the best darned Widgets I can this side of the Mississippi and I don't appreciate y'all undermining me every step of the way..............

(Can I get 20% off my Etsy bill if I send packages in memorable striking envelopes?)

PLEASE, CAN IT with throwing the sellers under the bus in your Storque articles....

Posted at 12:40am Oct 2, 2009 EDT


when i was at art college, people, by that i mean those outside of art college, always had the attitude that if you are an artist, you love what you do, and therefore you will do at reduced rates, or even for free.

And i think the whole weekend deals thing is great on the one hand as it does give shops exposure for later on through the fact that they list new items and get seen. ( i was in on one weekend), it does nothing for the "Pay an Artist What She Is Damn Well Worth" cause.

After having a businessy friend look at my incomings and outgoings he told me to raise my prices, which i did, but i can tell you i had a hard time telling the shops i wholesale to, and its because of these notions about artists and money that are so ingrained in society.

Posted at 12:46am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

I hate the Free shipping also. Everyone knows its not really free. I can't ship for free as its not free to me. I'm with you lets promote HANDMADES!

Posted at 12:49am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

I agree... It goes against the whole handmade idea and kinda reduces it to something cheap...

Posted at 12:51am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

TeamRuster says

I cannot support fancy packaging. I am selling vintage items at a price I hope people feel they can afford to decorate and gift give with. I literally list lower than appraised values so folks feel they too can achieve a treasure. And in the spirit of reusing and decreasing my carbon footprint I save every box and envelope I can. Just the other day I sent out a lovely watering can in a Saltines box. It was well wrapped and cushioned with a personal note of Thank You for shopping from me. I like taking whatever I have to make the Thank you cards personal and eye catching, but not because I have to. Only because I find creating something from anything fun. I see your concerns.

Posted at 12:51am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

mireilles says

I tried the free shipping didn't sell a thing, put my shop back to charging for shipping and sales are coming in!? You just more exposure but I don't really think you get anymore sales.

Posted at 12:56am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

artikaur says

I can't do free shipping on most of my items...and I think most buyers are wise enough to realize that free shipping is really built into the cost of the item. It's not truly free.

And as for the fancy packaging nonsense, I try my best to reuse bubble mailers whenever I can. I use tissue paper, ribbon from Michael's, and jewelry boxes from the dollar store. I just want my products to arrive safe and sound. I'm sure that's all my buyers care about to. I highly doubt they're gonna say "oh, I wish you had wrapped my yarn up in expensive gift wrap, and put loads of stickers on it, and sent me some free candy, and coupons for free shipping."

Posted at 12:58am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

angelene says

well I have "free" shipping on everything as a marketing technique, but of course it is built into my overheads, which make up part of my final list price...

but that's just marketing for me!

Posted at 1:00am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

loopyboopy says

Ive hated this from the start. Everytime I see the weekend deals promos I cringe.

Encouraging sellers to reduce their prices in an effort to get some extra promotion sucks. Art does not go "on sale" IMO.

This idea of freebies and pretty packages I equally despise. It goes totally against the whole green and and eco friendly idea Etsy so loves to put forth. Most of the freebie stuff is just crap that ends up in the garbage, it makes packages weightier costing more in postage and gas to get it from one place to another.

I agree please stop these promotions!

Posted at 1:05am Oct 2, 2009 EDT

I guess I will never make the weekend deals promo. I rely on giving my buyers a great product at a good price and fast service. I have had many return customers and that is worth it's weight in gold. No extra promo needed. (I do have a small sale every now and then though I have found it doesn't affect my sales much)

Posted at 1:11am Oct 2, 2009 EDT