Please help me NAME THE COLOURS on my new item

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Original Post

loddelina says

I have jus listed my new tote:

and as always I find it tricky to name the colours. Is CREAM too light, BEIGE too dark for this kind of natural linen colour, does such thing as cream beige even exist, and what about hazelnut brown - does it exist only in eye colour or can you name a textile as well?
What colours come to your mind when you see these descriptions and do they match the ones on the pictures?

Thanks for your help.

Posted at 4:11pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT


loddelina says

ups, wrong category, I wanted to post it in Critiques. No idea how to get there...

Posted at 4:15pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

nice tote! you names seem fine to me.

Posted at 4:27pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

except i'd say "dark grey" and "cream." beige doesn't do much for me.

Posted at 4:28pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

coffee and cream, it looks like a black and tan sundae, coffee vanilla chocolate, i think i'm in the mood for ice cream :)

Posted at 4:33pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

how about..."natural beige", "charcoal gray", and earthy brown? colors can be hard to see through the screen! nice bag though!

Posted at 4:33pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

loddelina says

thanks, I noticed that certain names are used more in some countries and not at all in others.
cream it is!

Posted at 4:34pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

loddelina says

oh, yes, charcoal gray, tan, I forgot about those, and earthy brown sounds about right as well.

thank you, everyone!

Posted at 4:38pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

jcollander says

Okay, this might be weird, but when I saw it my first thought was a chocolate bag! Yummy! Dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. :)

Posted at 4:38pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

jcollander says

Then, instead of red...cherry! (chocolate covered cherries?)

Posted at 4:40pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT