SNS FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions about Saturday Night Specials)

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Original Post

Hi everyone :) It's time again to revise the FAQ's!

SNS FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions about the Saturday Night Specials) revised 10/2009


The Saturday Night Specials (SNS) is an organized promo thread that was originated by Willowglass so that Etsy sellers could kick back on a Saturday night and hopefully gain some sales as a result. Buyers look forward to this thread each week which has been running since July 2006 (originally it was to be a 2-month only thread for the summer, but, well, it spiralled!). Each participating seller decides the special for their shop, whether it be a percentage off, free shipping, BOGO, or whatever they choose.


Each Saturday the thread is started at 5 p.m. EST/Etsy time by a member of the SNS Host team. To make it a true Saturday Night Special, your specials must be limited to Saturday night. If your sales run beyond this time frame, there are plenty of other threads to post them in!
The SNS runs from 5 p.m. EST/Etsy time and *must* officially end at midnight Samoa time (which is 6 a.m. EST/Etsy time on Sunday). You can choose to end your SNS earlier in a different time zone if you wish.


* Post a notice in your Shop Announcement section to ensure that buyers will know what your SNS is.

* End your SNS no later than 6 a.m. EST/Etsy time on Sunday.

* Buyers have repeatedly asked for a consistent format, so it's suggested that you start your post with your shop link, what you sell, and then what your special is for the night. Buyers have also asked that the thread be as clean and streamlined as possible, so please don't use special character fonts or any unnecessary "bells and whistles". The easier that sellers make the thread to maneuver around, the better potential for sales.

* Post only to the Official SNS thread in Promotions.

* There is no recapping (repostings) of your SNS. This is necessary to keep the thread as streamlined as possible for buyers and is at their request, so please make sure you have all your info together before posting.

* Remind buyers to put *SNS* in their notes so you can offer the appropriate discount and also track your SNS sales. The SNS code should only be used for posts in the original SNS thread and should be used uniformly for the buyers ease.


"Super Specials" are items that are usually offered at a substantial discount to clear them out of your shop. They're offered for a limited amount of time, such as one or two hours. Super Specials would be posted in the Promotions forum.

There is a companion thread in the Etc. forum for chatting and having fun while the SNS is running! So, your SNS posting as well as any Super Specials would be in the Promotions thread and anything else would be in the Etc. forum thread.

There is a terrific blog for SNS which you can find at Check it out for info and fun stuff!

Remember, duplicate SNS threads only dilute the official SNS thread. Our buyers have requested a single place to see SNS, so we have given them this. Please don't create additional SNS threads. It confuses and frustrates buyers and sellers alike. Everyone is more than welcome to join the SNS thread. It's inclusive of everyone and we'd love to have you join in!

Please extend the courtesy to those of us who have been working at making SNS a success for well over 3 years not to post threads using the SNS name. Your current official SNS Host Team is willowglass, beadbug, countryheartgifts, RightAsRainCreations, and tannerglass. We are always looking for additional alternate hosts to add to the SNS host team roster, so if you are interested, send a conversation to Willowglass who will send you the scoop and requirements :)

Thanks so much to everyone who has made SNS the longest running, independent Promotions thread on Etsy!

Posted at 4:41pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT


Thanks for the fresh new updates! :)

Posted at 5:08pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

And here I thought this would be a gun thread.

Posted at 5:11pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

Sending this to the top for the new posters on the threads tonight :)

Thank you to the buyers for their posts in last week's threads. We welcome your input always!

Posted at 5:16pm Oct 31, 2009 EDT

SNS time is almost here again! I'll be hosting, so if you have any questions or suggestions, find the SNS Chat thread that will be posted here in the ETC section and talk to me! ;)

Posted at 3:25am Nov 14, 2009 EST

Quick Summary of the Basics:

1. Don't start your promo before 5 pm Etsy time and don't end it later than 6 am Etsy time on Sunday.

2. Please post in the following format, for ease of shopping - this is by buyer request:

* Your shop link (url: http:// yourshopname
* Brief description of what you sell
* Your SNS deal and any special payment info that people need to know

3. Buyers have requested that you only post your special once, that you refrain from chatting or bumping the thread, and that you don't use fancy text streams to clutter up your post. This is to keep the thread as streamlined as possible so it is super easy to shop! We do have buyers who have bought many items via the SNS (some in the 100s!) so please respect their requests!

4. Lastly, ONLY post SNS specials to the official SNS thread - copycat threads just confuse buyers and sellers alike and dilute the effectiveness of SNS for getting us ALL some sales. :)

Thank you and have FUN! There *is* a chat thread posted in the Etc section of the forum for sellers and buyers alike to hang out and chat. If you have a question, pop over and ask, I'm sure there will be plenty of people willing to help you out!

Posted at 4:30pm Nov 14, 2009 EST

I'd like to participate in this next weekend, but I'm not sure how to do the discount. I accept paypal only. How do I do a discount for certain orders?


Posted at 10:26pm Feb 6, 2010 EST

Karin - I've found the easiest way to discount is through PayPal. When you are logged in to PayPal, you can send an invoice to any email address (you can get the email of your buyer from the transaction email).

Just click the "request money" tab at the top of the PayPal page after you've logged in. You can do a simple money request right there, or if you want a line-item invoice, there will be a link at the top of the money request page that will take you to an invoice layout.

The other method is to have your customer pay via PayPal and then send them a refund for the discounted amount. From your main accounts page, click "details" on the customer's payment. Scroll down to the bottom of the transaction details and it will talk about issuing a refund, with a link in blue words "issue refund."

Click that link and you can fill in the amount of refund you are giving, plus a box for an explanation. The best part is that PayPal will refund YOU their fee on the amount that you refund! So if you send a $1.00 refund, only 97.5% of that comes out of your account, because the other 3.5% comes from PayPal.

That sounds confusing the way I wrote it, sorry! :) But it is cool and it works, I promise! LOL

Hope that helps for next week! Best of success to you!

Posted at 1:43am Feb 7, 2010 EST


Thanks for the explanation! It was really, really helpful!! :-)

Posted at 9:13am Feb 7, 2010 EST

I'm ready for SNS tonight!

Posted at 2:13pm Feb 13, 2010 EST