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Original Post

HideABook says

Man I haven't laughed this hard in a long time:

Posted at 8:18pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT


oh god.
i'm partially amused, partially feeling bad for those having their stuff made fun of, and partially... okay, amused.

Posted at 8:20pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

UglyGerbil says

Huh, I didn't laugh once.

I just feel bad for the folks that this smug jerk is holding up for ridicule.

Posted at 8:24pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

Oh man I know what I'M gonna be looking at for the rest of the evening!! So much for being productive tonight! LOL

Posted at 8:24pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

Thank you for finding yet another incredibly adding site! :D

Posted at 8:25pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT


* Accessories
* Art
* Bathroom
* Clocks and Watches
* Clothing
* Decorative Pillows
* Dolls
* Garden and Outdoor
* Holidays
* Michael Jackson
* Paper Goods
* Twilight
* Vaginas

Posted at 8:26pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

For one of those sites to work, it has to be funny.

Posted at 8:26pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

didileo says

wow that is awful

Posted at 8:27pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

didileo says

it's not funny at all, in fact it's very mean spirited

Posted at 8:28pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

stamp says

Who ever writes for that site is hilarious. There are tons of sites like this, but this one is actually clever.

Posted at 8:28pm Oct 3, 2009 EDT

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