Oops . . . Weekend Deals and Inflated FVFs

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Original Post

GreenMamba says

This situation was pointed out by several sellers in this thread:

I am certain that this was NOT intentional on Etsy's part, but more a byproduct of the lack of proper editing/discounting features to accommodate the now-persistent Etsy-sanctioned Weekend Deals. But it is a very troubling precedent, nevertheless.

Etsy, by contract, should receive 3.5% in final value fees (FVFs) for each and every listing sold on Etsy. However, due to the way that these weekly promotions are conducted, Etsy ends up with more than its fair (contractual) share. According to Etsy's own instructions, buyers are to

>> Simply enter the code "Indie Exclusives" in the Message to Seller field during Checkout and your discount will be refunded through PayPal. <<
(excerpted from the current Halloween-themed Indie Exclusives promo)

This arrangement results in Etsy getting a FVF calculated on the original, un-discounted price, rather than the true selling price, thus making Etsy's cut more than the agreed to 3.5%

As long as these Deals are conducted and promoted by Etsy, this fee inflation needs to be addressed out of fairness to the participants. I suggest the following:

a) with proof of refund to the buyer, Etsy should then refund the excess fees to all sellers who participate in the WD using Etsy's recommended formula of checkout first, refund later (all in all, a royal pain in the posterior for all concerned)


b) Etsy should stop sanctioning the refund method of discounting and no longer accept participants who do not agree to edit their listings prior to the sale

Thanks in advance, Etsy, for your prompt attention in this matter.

Posted at 11:52pm Oct 4, 2009 EDT



Posted at 11:54pm Oct 4, 2009 EDT


Posted at 11:57pm Oct 4, 2009 EDT

quirkybags says

Excellent point.

Posted at 11:58pm Oct 4, 2009 EDT

whoooo, lady! Well stated point, GreenMamba!

Though I think it would be better to go with option c: create a sale function in Your Etsy that allows you to batch edit for sales.

Posted at 11:59pm Oct 4, 2009 EDT

VieModerne says

Or option D: a true functioning coupon code.

But refunding the excess fees does seem reasonable, if not time consuming.

Posted at 12:06am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

redhatlady says

Another reason why I don't participate or like this type of promotion.

Posted at 12:07am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

i've thought about this too. there has to be a way to use coupons, or simply a way to make this fair for everyone, even if the process is clunky and outdated.

Posted at 12:08am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

Maybe Etsy is charging extra for that small chance at promotion you get when you post in the Weekend Deals threads :)

Posted at 12:09am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

Maybe a coupon code system would help? I'm surprised Etsy doesn't have one. That would be very easy for the customers.

Posted at 12:13am Oct 5, 2009 EDT