if you turn off the computer.....

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Original Post

you will survive....

i am addicted to my computer and recently have been spending way too much time doing computer related things that are not really productive...

this weekend i turned it off. it was really hard. i kept walking by it and sighing on the first day. but i got so much done!

and today when i turned it back on....the world had not ended!

do you walk away from your computer to get more work done?

Posted at 8:28am Oct 5, 2009 EDT


i wish i did sometimes....i understand...once i start it's hard to turn off !

Posted at 8:29am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

bomobob says

All the time. I take off for weekends to go hiking, go on trips, and sometimes just leave it off and do other things. I find it's way too easy to get addicted to looking for the little email notification icon to pop up.

Posted at 8:30am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

andrea--it was so funny--the first few hours i felt really lost....;-)

Posted at 8:30am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

I lost the internet for two weeks and it was really difficult! I would find rediculous way to check my e-mail any where there was a hotspot... only to find I didn't really have anything important in my inbox. It's so true that it can wait... I share your struggle!

Posted at 8:31am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

bomobob--right there with you! i usually spend a fair amount of time outdoors but when i'm home i check the computer all the time....

relove--i went away for 2 weeks this spring and never checked but that was easier because i was away from home and there was no computer nearby!

Posted at 8:33am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

kozmickid says

I had a virus eat my hard drive last December, and while everyone and his brother tried to troubleshoot it, I fretted and fretted. HOWEVER, I got more done during that time than ever before! It takes discipline to go cold turkey, but shutting down the computer is the best thing for my productivity.

Posted at 8:35am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

kozmic--ouch! that doesn't sound like much fun at all! quitting anything cold turkey is tough (i quit smoking cold turkey years ago ;-) but the computer seems so much a part of our daily communication now, doesn't it?

Posted at 8:36am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

cbeads says

My computer is always on

Posted at 8:36am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

I don't do much etsywise during the weekends. I usually check etsy real quick 2-3 times a day, but I don't linger. I try to spend time with my hubby and puppy and get things done around the house on the weekends, which means I can't waste time on etsy a lot.

Posted at 8:37am Oct 5, 2009 EDT