who/what is your back-up?

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Original Post

jill2day says

I would love to hear if any of you have "contingency people". Have you shown your process (business not creative) to anyone so they would know what to do if you couldn't? What/who will contact your customers and Etsy if you are not able to do so? How do you keep them up to speed, etc.

Posted at 8:47am Oct 5, 2009 EDT


Hmmm, I hadn't thought about it...

Posted at 8:47am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

LexiandGem says

Lexi is my plan B and I'm her's. Never thought of a plan C, but it might not be a bad idea.

Posted at 8:49am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

I've just started training my husband. He lacks what some people might call "interest"... But we were just looking at my Etsy account yesterday and I gave him the "I could be hit by a bus tomorrow" talk.

Posted at 8:50am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

Fyrecreek says

In the most technical sense, no. I do have a friend who I have asked to take care of shop things in the event that I cannot, and she said she would. I have yet to walk her through what I may need. I intend to show her what to do to put my shop in vacation mode if I am incapacitated, and convo buyers, refund if they wish, ship if she can, close things down in the event of my death, and I will present her with a sealed envelope with my passwords.

You put an unbelievable amount of trust in someone to do this, because they can wreak havoc on your business if that trust turns out to be undeserved. However, I think such a plan is very important and we should all consider having one.

Posted at 8:53am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

My family has refused. They claim they could never do what I do. *rolls eyes* Of course they could!

Posted at 8:53am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

jill2day says

blackrock; That is what brought this up yesterday at my house! My husband is so vehement (and rightly so) about that i should know how to do everything around the house (maintenance and finances) in case something happens to him, but didn't quite have the same feeling when I turned the table on him about Etsy!

Posted at 9:10am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

I have yet to just sit down and show someone the basics of my Etsy site. I intend to have a family member do it and eventually I will show them but if I even bring up the topic with anyone it's consider ill wishing and what not so it's a bit of an up hill battle.

Posted at 9:10am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

jill2day says

ALineofHerOwn - can you convince them that it is "Best business practice" not ill wishing?

Posted at 10:08am Oct 5, 2009 EDT

lydiasarah says

Hmm, I hadn't thought about it, but I guess it's a pretty good idea to have someone who at least knows how to check up on things and ship orders. I'll get on it!

Posted at 10:10am Oct 5, 2009 EDT