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Original Post

Here is round 6
(boy you guys talk a lot!)
michiganhemp says:
Do you love Sneak Attack? Can you never get enough of them? Do you just love chatting with a great group of people? Then this is the place for you! If you ever wondered what Sneak Attacks were all about, come on in! Meet some wonderful people and learn in the process!

you can also check out this site for more information on the Sneak Attacks;

Posted at 8:27pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT


ircrafty says

Page 1? Yea me!

Posted at 8:28pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

way to go irc! LOL

Posted at 8:28pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

i was gonna suggest this tonight once the attack was over. i think we should start a new one every month

Posted at 8:30pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

oh ET I'm sorry...I didn't mean to mess you guys up!

Posted at 8:30pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

I found you!

Posted at 8:31pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

lol doodle, I don't know that it really lasts a month, I wait until it gets close to 10,000 posts

Posted at 8:31pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

hey runs!
I tried to make it easy for you, lol!

Posted at 8:31pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT

you are too good to me, jj!

Posted at 8:32pm Oct 5, 2009 EDT