Heat packs. Flax vs. Rice

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Original Post

So I have been commissioned to make some heat packs for a local spa. I am in the process of putting the ordering kit and presentation together and was curious about what my fellow etsians have to say.

So, Heat packs
1. Flax vs. rice?
2. Shape?
3. Size
4. Materials?
5. Etc...
Let me know what you think!

Posted at 2:10pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT


magichands says

rice. the flaxseed has oil and can cause a small fire in the microwave if the user overheats it. one of my friends set hers on fire, and i've heard of others doing it.

granted, my friend is an idiot. but she might be your next buyer, lol.

Posted at 2:14pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

lol, ok, I love it!!!
That was the most hilarious post I have read all day! I prefer rice packs too. Have you ever heard of anyone setting rice on fire in the microwave?

Posted at 2:22pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

lamoona says

little off topic here, as i would be interested in making a couple for myself...do you put the rice in one fabric bag and than insert it into the decorative one? and do the fabrics have to be cotton only? how long do i heat them up for?
again sorry for hijacking...

on topic though i thought the flaxseed is better because it wont expand like rice can...

Posted at 2:26pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

magichands says

i've only heard about fires with fillings that contain oil. rice, dried beans or peas, should be fine.

i'd never heard of the rice expanding - does it really do that with no water? interesting!

Posted at 2:34pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

I have been using long grain white rice for years with not problems, they get used A LOT. Over time the rice will break down and turn dark, but by then I am ready for new anyway.

Posted at 2:43pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

I loooove my heat packs. :)

Mine are all wheat. I've seen cherry stone ones in the USA but only wheat here in the UK. Two sizes are my favourite. Square (about 8-10"?) are nice for flat areas like abdomen, chest, lower back. Longer thin ones are good for neck wraps, ovaries (you know!), along spine, and shoulder pain (because they fall both sides).

My very very very favourite is in a case that an Etsian made special for me ( enhabiten.etsy.com ) and is cotton on one side and wool on the other. This is SO nice! I usually use the wool side first when it's very hot and then switch to the cotton side later. Or in winter the wool side is snugglier. She wasn't sure if the wool would microwave okay but it's fine. :)

Posted at 3:06pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

lamoona says

i guess i have to clarify wrt to expanding....i meant that it would expand given humidity or if it were to come in contact with moisture in general...i guess it would be more likely to expand compared to flax...

Posted at 3:06pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

i've made some for gifts before with rice i think and in a removeable insert

Posted at 3:07pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

marking :)

Posted at 3:08pm Oct 12, 2009 EDT

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