Your Etsy shop - how to be found on Google, Yahoo and MSN searches - Part I

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Original Post

Most searches on the Internet begin with keywords or search terms. Many of these are used over and over again by different people. For example, when someone is looking for handmade jewelry, the search term would be, "handmade jewelry."

When you look at my shop, , you will see the following words just below my shop banner: "Search Engine Optimized Custom (SEO) Web Design." This describes what I am selling in my Etsy shop.

Test this by searching on these words, "Search Engine Optimized Custom (SEO) Web Design" in Google, Yahoo or MSN. You will see this exact phrase with a link to my shop at the top of the search results.

In my shop (not the convo area) go up to the menu bar on your web browser and click on View, then go down the menu and click on Page Source (or Source depending on the browser you are using). A page of program code will open up and at the very top you will see the following code on the first few lines:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns:fb="">
<title>Search Engine Optimized Custom SEO Web Design by SEOWebDesign</title>

Do you see the same words inserted between the title tags, <title> and </title>? Etsy has set up their program to insert whatever words you place directly below your shop banner into the title tag. The search engines look for title tags to find out what web pages are about.

When you, or anyone else, conducts a search on any search engines, such as Google, you generally use a search term to look for something, such as "handmade jewelry." Google then searches the web sites in their Index and brings up all of the web sites that are about handmade jewelry, looking at the title tags as well as descriptions. The first line of each web site that appears in the search results is taken from the title tag. Etsy shops that do well in the search engine results use keywords in their shop titles.

Change your shop title from whatever you have there to a search term such as "handmade jewelry" and a few possible other keywords that can be used to search for the products you are selling. Then take a look the the Page Source and see how it has changed. Within a few weeks, you will be able to enter all of your keywords into a Google, Yahoo or MSN search and see your Etsy shop come up at the top. If you do not see it, add the words, "etsy" to the end of the search words and you should see your shop.

Search engines are very exact and match up what is actually keyed into a search with the keywords on any Web site, blog or online shop. It's a good idea to use keywords that are actually used over and over again to search for the items you are selling.

There are a few Web sites that keep databases of search terms actually used on the Internet recently, including Wordtracker. Wordtracker offers a free trial if you want to see which pottery related search terms are used -- at

You can use the most popular search term to your shop title and add lesser used terms after, such as "Handmade jewelry - beaded jewelry and . . . " - Etsy's software will add your shop name right after your keywords.

I will be here on the Forums for a while and will be happy to help anyone with this.


Posted at 5:04pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT


tee-dum, dee-dum . . . .

Posted at 5:07pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Let me know if you are working on this.

Posted at 5:11pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Marking is good - this is a bit long and takes time to work on.

Posted at 5:18pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

pottery123 says


Posted at 5:19pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Yay! More marking.

Posted at 5:21pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

bomobob says

Just curious...if I google seowebdesign, you don't show up on the first page!
Am I missing something?

Posted at 5:26pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

It was there yesterday. I might have dropped down to the next page or so - this is a very competitive search term. Try adding ETsy at the end of the search term, "Search Engine Optimized Custom (SEO) Web Design - Etsy."

Posted at 5:29pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

My Etsy shop is on page 4 of Google's search results today. Search results sometimes bounce around before they become stable. This is the reason for the "Part 1" of the title of this forum thread. There is a lot more to search engine optimization than changing the title tag, although this is the best place to start.

Posted at 5:34pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT