Help! Any advice on a Monster's Inc Mike Wazowski costume?

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Original Post

My 2 and a half year old really wants to be Mike Wazowski from Monster's Inc for Halloween this year (he's the little round guy with 1 eye). And, I am not even sure of how to even begin to approach that! Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thanks so much!!

Posted at 8:56 pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT


You could go with paper mache since it's fairly lightweight, absolutely inexpensive, and can be made non-toxic for your child by using a white glue and water formula with newspaper.

Since he's 2 he's still fairly small and you can use a punch ball (you know the ones, they are like 10 for a buck at the dollar store) and blow it up as big as you can get it. Rub a very light coat of vaseline on it so it will unstick after the paper mush is dry. Paint it green. Slice it in half vertically and along the edge, cut out the half circles wher his head and arms will go and a BIG gap for his lower body. Add some horns and paint on an eye and mouth and have your little one wear a green sweatshirt and sweat pants. Use packing tape (because it's clear and will be the strongest thing to use but still be easy to get him out at the end of the night) to tape him into his costume for the evening.


This option will require a bit more work but he won't have his head sticking out the top of Mike's head. You will need 3 hula Hoops, a bunch of green fabric (kite nylon would be a good choice for this, but inexpensive quilting cotton is just fine, a saw to cut two of the hoops, and a white shower curtain (from the dollar store), some duct tape, and some green quilting thread. Cut your green fabric into 6 pieces shaped about like this (). There are plenty of free PDFs for sewing patterns for a "sphere" or "ball"; The sphere just has to be big enough to cover the hula hoops. two of those shapes will have holes in the middle (two for his arms and one for the eye. Cut another hole in the middle of the white shower curtain and it will stay empty for him to look through and to act as the pupil. The Three hula hoops will be situated vertically to hold the fabric sphere into shape. You'll need to use the duct tape to hold them in the right array at the top and use the saw to cut a gap in each one for his legs to move freely at the bottom. (You might not even need a gap if the hoops happen to be exactly the length of his torso + head, but it might be uncomfortable to have three hula hoops in the crotch area). Green sweatpants and shirt again for him to wear on the inside, and stick a couple horns on top with whatever you feel like using. Maybe a couple cones from the inside of yarn. Use fabric scraps for his mouth or just fabric paint and paint on a big grin.


Cheapest and easiest way to do this, though least impressive. lol. Get a kids sized sweatpants, and an ADULT sized sweatshirt. Thread a shoelace through the bottom band of the sweatshirt and pull it tight around his hips. STUFF THE SHIRT FULL. Use sheets, use batting, use polyfill, use a couple pillows, whatever you have. Big white circle on the front with a black circle in the middle for the eye. An old sheet will do, some felt if you have it, again, whatever you have around and same for the mouth. A headband with green horns on his head and you're done!

I'm sure he'll have fun regardless of how you make this costume.

Posted at 9:46 pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

upzndowns says

I'd go with option #3 here, since he's so little. It'll be easiest to make a pit stop in.

When my oldest was, he was Mike Wazowski and his costume was a candy catcher-type. The belly was like a kangaroo pouch, and we stuck all his loot in there. By the 2nd street, he was nice and round.

Posted at 9:53 pm Oct 13, 2009 EDT

Omg! What great ideas! Thank you so much for your help! I'll see if I can't get it together, and post a pic with the results! Wish me luck! Thanks again!

Posted at 2:07 pm Oct 15, 2009 EDT

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