Why does each shop have to optimize their SEO?

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Original Post

I dont want to cause problems or confusion for anyone, but shouldn't etsy been doing this for us in the first place?

There is alot of people, myself included who dont know much about web design, coding, or anything to do with SEO and html.

I just think this is a big mess and having each shop changing things around on their own doesnt help the matter at all.

I tried following that guide and it seemed like it worked for like a day, then I couldnt find myself using basic keywords, so if anyone has any suggestions and cliff notes, please post them here so we all can benefit in this misfortune.

Posted at 9:17pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT


sounds good dennis, I've been pretty much burying my head (and whole body) in the sand on this one

Posted at 9:20pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

JaredKS says

Interesting point. I haven't looked into SEO yet, but I'm feeling like I need to, as my traffic is down.

Sorry to hear it's going to be tough! :)

Posted at 9:20pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

Which guide?
I must have missed something.

Posted at 9:22pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

SavageArtworks said:
Which guide?
I must have missed something.


Posted at 9:23pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

I'm waiting for the Cliff Notes version too.

Posted at 9:25pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

My head's in the sand beside meanoldbags.

Posted at 9:25pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

Plunking my head in the sand, next to everyone elses and waiting for the cliff notes along with Carol.

Posted at 9:26pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

Good question, Dennis. I've bookmarked the SEO guide but haven't printed it out yet! I'd love for someone to do it for me, but I don't think that will happen.

Posted at 9:29pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT

Welcome warmnfuzzies. It's nice down here...everything is lovely & perfect.

Posted at 9:31pm Oct 14, 2009 EDT