Does your shop have a coordinated look?

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Original Post

Is this a priority for you? Does it impress you when you are on Etsy as a buyer?

I've seen a couple of shops recently where everything looked so tied together - it was very impressive and instilled a little extra confidence for me as a buyer.

I'm wondering if this is something we should consider when designing our shops. Not just in terms of banner and avatar, but also the colors used in my products, backgrounds on my photos, etc.

What do you think?

Posted at 9:09am Oct 15, 2009 EDT


I would like to think mine does :)

Yes, I like coordination, but if I'm in love with something, it's not going to keep me from buying it if the shop is a bit unorganized.

Posted at 9:10am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

I try to keep mine pretty coordinated, although I am in the process of changing my color scheme over...and then listing about 30 items haha.
I like it when things appear cohesive, it reminds me of walking into a store, rather than the normal thrown together feel of shopping online.
I don't think the products have to be the same colors, but it's nice when the backgrounds are cohesive.
But maybe thats just me?

Posted at 9:11am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

My banner and all my promo stuff coordinate so when people get their things in the mail it looks tied together. I'm working on updating all my pictures so they coordinate with each other but The sun just hasn't been very cooperative lately.

I'm like auryndesign, I like it when it coordinates but it won't hold be back from purchasing, maybe just hearting or what not.

Posted at 9:15am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

I also enjoy a cohesive look--very pleasing to the eye...but I don't think my shop has one. I try, but the overall look of my shop still comes off as slightly schizophrenic to me.

Posted at 9:16am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

I think a coordinated look is important. It shows buyers that you're serious about your business and have invested time and effort into it. It looks more organized and more pleasing to the eye.

Posted at 9:16am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

I try to keep things co-ordinated too but I hate that the rearrange your shop doesn't work in each category you put your items into

Posted at 9:18am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

I think it is important to have this personally, I'm not likely to think the item is better quality (whether it actually is or isn't ! )

Posted at 9:19am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

sorry, meant to be

I'm likely to think ! not - 'I'm not likely to think' !!!

Posted at 9:21am Oct 15, 2009 EDT

Peaches4me says

It's part of my branding, so yes, I think my shop looks coordinated. I think it is very important because it catches the eye and people who are browsing tend to click and stay when a shop is pleasing to the eye.

Posted at 9:24am Oct 15, 2009 EDT