Jewelry makers - where do you get supplies?

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Original Post

So I'm wondering... where do you all get your jewelry making supplies from? Metal, findings, wire, stones, tools, any of that. Any online suppliers you could recommend?

Thanks! :D

Posted at 11:39am Oct 17, 2009 EDT


roundabout says

I'm a fan of for wire and tools, and lots of lovely supplies!

Posted at 11:46am Oct 17, 2009 EDT

lots of people like Rio Grande because they have pretty much everything, but they're more expensive. I like for metals. Others will chime in. I get beads mostly at gem shows because I like to see them in person, I'm very picky....

Posted at 11:47am Oct 17, 2009 EDT

oh, metalifferous in NYC, and they have an online store. I haven't bought from them in a long time, but I hear their customer service isn't great. I like SII findings for chain, headpins, clasps. They also have thai and bali silver. I usually catch them at shows, since their online ordering is cumbersome, but maybe they've improved it by now. Blake Brothers is another good one for all things silver. Those are both wholesale suppliers, though. I don't know if they retail to the general public, they might. Nina Designs has the absolute best bali silver.

Posted at 11:49am Oct 17, 2009 EDT

roundabout says

I should also add that I find some amazing supplies right here on Etsy for great prices - especially nice are the handmade components from very talented metalsmiths :)

Posted at 11:49am Oct 17, 2009 EDT

If you are looking for wire, Indian Jewelers Supply in Santa Fe is very good. I do buy most of my findings from Rio Grande, they are a little higher priced but their material is very high quality.

Posted at 11:51am Oct 17, 2009 EDT

I just compared prices of sterling silver wire with Monsterslayer and Rio Grande and Rio Grande is still cheaper. That is for wire, I didn't check anything else. I use a lot of wire so I was curious. Monsterslayer has a great site and nice stuff, I'll check them our for other findings. Thanks!

Posted at 12:00pm Oct 17, 2009 EDT

I buy my supplies from 3 different local beading stores. Online I buy from and They both have free shipping.

Posted at 12:02pm Oct 17, 2009 EDT

ajcouturegemstones avatar
ajcouturegemstones says

I love getting findings from all over...I find that shopping a bunch of different places is the best way to have a variety! I also sell gemstones and supplies!

Posted at 12:16pm Oct 17, 2009 EDT

I recently started buying from Santa Fe Jewelers Supply. Their online store is easy to use and their inventory is plentiful, plus they ship out fast!! Wholesale prices too!!!

I used to shop at the Naja when I lived in Colorado, their online store isnt so great but they have most everything you need and if you give them a call they will help. If you live in the Denver area its a great place to go shopping!! For some reason their website wont load for me, but it should be good luck!!

Posted at 12:38pm Oct 17, 2009 EDT