Enyaeire's I buy you buy and lets help one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Enyaeire says

272 sales and rocking since October 4th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You do not have to buy to post but if you want to buy something from a store posted here, please do so and post your transaction.

Lets see how many people get sales. There will be a new list of stores edited everyday so if you come into the thread and would like your store to be added to the list, just ask and give a description of what is in your store.You do not have to BUY to be on the daily list. Everyday a fresh list will be started. This maximizes the chance for sales as it keeps the list from becoming overly large . Please realize that the listmanagers are human, they do make mistakes. Please be patient with them. They're doing this out of the kindness of their hearts to help YOU generate more sales.

Lets help one another!

Feel free to check out the old thread to see how many posts and sales we had


The following people are the managers of the Daily List and ONLY the names listed below can edit the list. We thank you for your understanding as we wish to avoid any confusions.


Let the sales begin and lets have fun !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted at 7:42am Oct 20, 2009 EDT


yay thanks

Posted at 7:43am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

caralara says

morning all

Posted at 7:43am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

lets sell sell sell!!!

Posted at 7:44am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

Enyaeire says

272 sales since October 4th and we are Rocking!!!!!!!!!!

enyaeire.etsy.com - Crocheted hats, shawls, scarves etc
christiecottage.etsy.com - everything your little heart could wish for
smileymoo.etsy.com - jewelry, home decor, & more
luvmymonkeys.etsy.com - crochet items, scrapbooking, hippie skirt
ecochichandknits.etsy.com - organic nesting bowls (and other sizes too!)
Veedubz.etsy.com quailty pillow throw covers for your home
creativedesignz.etsy.com -one of a kind jewellery and photography from $4
sweetgalaxy.etsy.com - Polymer Clay and Wire Jewelry
Theshabbyshop.etsy.com Soy Candles
crochet18purple.etsy.com Polymer clay buttons and more
Crochet18banner.etsy.com - awesome banners, stickers etc
heartsabustin.etsy.com Handmade and vintage jewelry
hisjamilynn.etsy.com jewelry, soaps, cards, household items, holiday items
SewnInspirations.etsy.com - Decorative pillows, children, teen and tooth fairy pillows
Caralara.etsy.com - Awesome artwork
thekraftroom.etsy.com stickers, notecards, fabric, burpcloths
yessysdesigns.etsy.com - handpainted cards, gift tags and wood items. Knitted and crocheted jute bags and jewerly
rhisbitsandbeads.etsy.com - jewelry amd more
mgfashionjewelry.etsy.com - $1.99 CLEARANCE, BOGO, FREE shipping
purplecatscorner.etsy.com - original artwork, bags,magnets,keyrings,prints and much much more!!
Sandart.etsy.com - original paintings, prints, Halloween cards & magnets
tomroche.etsy.com - Awesome Wooden cheeseboards and more
stitchnmomma.etsy.com - cross stitched gifts, kits & original patterns
terrasecrets.etsy.com - Bath & Body Shop

Posted at 7:44am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

VeeDubz says

morning all

Posted at 7:44am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

Wow, another one! Hey Enya, long time no chat! What a great thread! :)

Posted at 7:44am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

Enyaeire says

morning ladies
Hold on Ill be bk ok

Posted at 7:44am Oct 20, 2009 EDT

VeeDubz says

enya u just missed sandart this morning shes of to spain

Posted at 7:45am Oct 20, 2009 EDT