Craft Show Suggestions/Table Setup

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Original Post

I'm doing my first craft show in late November, and am trying to get creative ideas for my table setup. Does anyone have suggestions?

I'd loooove to see pictures if anyone has any to show off!!!!

Any other craft show advice is welcome! I have been reading threads and have learned that I will be:
-tagging items with the price
-being friendly, chatty
-not eating in front of customers,
-taking helpers
-using a long tablecloth and
-watching my personal items.

Posted at 12:28 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT


Bring a receipt book

Have your table look full, if it looks empty, it won't encourage people to come closer and look around.

Posted at 12:30 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

Also bring a book for people to leave their emails so you can include them on your mailing list.

Bring a supply bag of extra tags, tape, scissors... you might need them.

Posted at 12:32 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

A cool thing to do when there are no customers that might attract them over - is to actually bring a pillow that you are working on. People might come by just to see what you are sewing on to the pillow. Not only will you have stuff to do, but people would like to see you actually create your stuff.

Posted at 12:33 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

Ok good suggestions Dionne, thanks! I do have a sales receipt book, but hadn't thought about doing an email list.

Posted at 12:33 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

That would be good, too - just not sure how feasible it is since I can't lug my sewing machine around :) I could sew some pins by hand, though :)

Posted at 12:34 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

Sounds like you're getting prepared. You'll learn a lot while you're there. Sometimes things don't make sense until you see how it goes. You'll do great!

Posted at 12:35 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

PoPkO says

stand up the whole time! and smile even if you are hungry/tired/bored/busy/sore/not smiley.

theres a flickr page that has a million bazillion ideas of how to visually set up your table too.

oh, and i personally like things to be raised up to eye level-ish. get some boxes or shelves.

Posted at 12:35 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

ah I hope!

Do most people use credit card machines?

Posted at 12:36 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

Ohhh thank you for those links PoPkO! Perfect!!!

I have a few ideas for getting things up a bit higher, but I'll have to think about some more, not sure that it really gets things eye level.

Posted at 12:36 pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

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