My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizza Pies

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wow, i didn't realize i could feel sorry for a planet...

Posted at 2:37pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

We were taught the rather boring "My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets"

I've never heard the pizza pies one, but now i'm strangely hungry...

Posted at 2:40pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

Jennifer I was gonna say that one too!

Every Good Boy Does Fine for the musical notes on a scale.

Posted at 2:44pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

I love love love the Blue's Clues song for remembering the planets.

"Well the Sun's a hot star,
Mercury's hot, too.
Venus is the brightest planet,
Earth's home to me and you..."

Posted at 2:48pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

I have never heard that before in my life and I was sure you had this really smart mom who was making some pizzas and I was jealous.

Every good boy deserves fudge - was the one I learned for the scales.

Posted at 2:51pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

FancyPants, yeah. at first I was like, why is she giving you NINE pizzas? I want pizza!

Posted at 2:52pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

I know WLD. I thought he had a big family, his mom liked to cook pizza, or he was a big old pig!! :)

Posted at 2:55pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT

I think the strings on a guitar are EADGB (+E)

So my sleavy mind came up with: "Every Art Director Gets Booty"

I was quite proud of myself, actually... being an AD.

My GF at the time was not amused.

Posted at 2:56pm Oct 21, 2009 EDT