Best, Cheapest, Safest Way to Ship Internationally with Tracking

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Original Post

What's the best, cheapest, safest way to ship internationally with tracking for items weighing about 2 pounds?

It qualifies as jewelry, so I think Global Express is out.

I've heard that certifying it might be the best but I think that can slow it down. It has to be signed for at every step of the way.

I'd send it priority, but the only tracking that way is the customs form. That's not quite good enough, is it?


Posted at 8:51pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT


SweetWolf says

the best way would be through a private carrier like ups or fedex, in my opinion. they actually track your package with a real tracking will be more expensive, but worth it

Posted at 8:53pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT

Tissage says

What about one of those websites where you can purchase insurance for international shipping? I haven't done it so I can't remember the sites, but maybe post a thread asking about international shipping insurance.

I know you asked about tracking, but I'm guessing insurance comes with tracking. And I'm guessing that if you want tracking you might want insurance too.

Posted at 8:54pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT

using ups or fedex is ;likely to land you customer with hefty brokerage fees --so please dont use them without your buyers agreement

as other countries do not use the same systems as the USA, tracking as you know it domestically is not really possible on international packages

a signed-for service is probably the best option if you must have an indication of its delivery

Posted at 8:58pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT

Okay, good ideas. Maybe someone else has one too. This time of year especially, shipping is on everyone's mind, right?

So how do people ship wholesale orders overseas from the U.S. without it being too expensive?

Posted at 9:12pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT

Lately I have shipped a few packages as First Class Registered. This seems to work well. You can also add insurance to it if you want. Then there is a proper tracking # and the recipient needs to sign for the package.
You find it in the USPS site under First Class mail, registered is one of the options on the second page.

I started doing this after having a shipment over $150.00 to China supposedly disappearing and paypal reversing payment !! As they have to sign for the package, they cannot say they did not receive it!

Posted at 9:20pm Oct 26, 2009 EDT