Pleasurearts’ Great Shops List BNS

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Original Post

♥Pleasurearts’ Great Shops List BNS♥
♥Come and join us!♥

-Buy from any shops on this current list.
-Post your transaction here and your name will be added on to the list.
-Come and post on the thread (check in) to stay on the list.
-Promote your shop, new items, deals, sales, etc.
-Chat, have fun, promote each other!

1. Great price jewelry to support charities!
2. Beaded items: ornaments, pens and jewelry
3. Fun, bright, unique jewellery!
4. Needlecraft
5. Crocheted stuffed toys
6. Soft cover leather sketchbooks and journals
7. Fused glass, specializing in barrettes
8. Fine art photographs
9. OOAK Bloomin' Button Jewelry; OOAK Swarovski Jewelry
10. Scarves,Baskets,Coasters,Pin Cushions,Hair Jewelry
11. Fused glass jewelry, art and home decor
12. Paintings in a variety of mediums and prints
13. A variety of items!
14. Jewelry, scrapbook tags, buttons, cards, etc.
15. One of a kind crochet pieces and custom work
16. Stained Glass Studio featuring nightlights, suncatchers, panels
17. Stuffed animals, blankets, purses and scarves
18. Beauty and spa products
19. OOAK fun, funky, whimsical Art Magnets
20. Handspun yarn,handpainted yarn and roving
21. Wire wrapped jewelry, vintage and supplies.


List Managers

Posted at 10:15am Oct 28, 2009 EDT


My selected 7 items of the week from Pleasurearts' great shops list!


No 2. Pretty Thread crochet bowl

No 3. Lovely flower embellishment

No 4. Beautiful Stained Glass Butterfly Nightlight

No 5. Cool Large Twilight Hobo Purse

No 6. Yummy Pumpkin Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

No 7. Funky Fat Cat Holiday Art Magnet - Hanging the Lights

Posted at 10:17am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

yarndeb says

Good morning, pleasurearts!
Sorry to see our list getting shorter.
Maybe a new thread will get some sales for those of us still here.

Posted at 10:29am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

I just listed a new needle felted bear. His name is Tumby.

Posted at 10:34am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

good morning, yarndeb!
yes, I am sorry too, but I have to be fair for everyone who has worked so hard coming in here to promote!

Hope to have new shops joining our list soon and have fun promoting together! :)

Posted at 10:35am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

ooohhhh, Tumby is so adorable, !

Posted at 10:37am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

yarndeb says

Thanks, pleasure!

Love your new earrings

Posted at 10:59am Oct 28, 2009 EDT

Katheyl says

Can I be on your list? Thank you!

Posted at 11:02am Oct 28, 2009 EDT