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JMLArt says

So many to pick from...took me a while to find my favorite...here it is:


Posted at 5:30pm Nov 7, 2009 EST

Shop for Sunday, November 8 is


My pick : She's added so many pretty's I had a hard time deciding! I finally went with this!

Posted at 2:17am Nov 8, 2009 EST

Ebrown2503 says

Well now, this is incredible, clever use of your art! I love this!

Posted at 9:18am Nov 8, 2009 EST

This is my favorite weave... Nice bracelet www.etsy.com/shop/ToraJewelry?page=2

Posted at 11:55am Nov 8, 2009 EST

JMLArt says

Goodness! So many to choose from...I had a hard time deciding! But my final decision was this one...so pretty and colorful:


Posted at 12:21pm Nov 8, 2009 EST

Shop for Monday, November 9 is


My pick : Eclectic mix of supplies, may have to get these-

Posted at 11:44pm Nov 8, 2009 EST

JMLArt says

So many pretty colors...these immediately caught my eye:


Posted at 6:47am Nov 9, 2009 EST

cjgrand says

Here's my pick,


I love the vibrant colour.

Posted at 11:31am Nov 9, 2009 EST

Shop for Tuesday, November 10 is


My pick : So hard to pick just one - leaning toward this though,

Posted at 11:28pm Nov 9, 2009 EST

JMLArt says

OMG!!! So excited to see these magnets:


My sister-in-law is a die hard Disney fan and collector of *anything* Disney. Just so happens I have her name in our family Christmas exchange...I'm going shopping!

Posted at 6:41am Nov 10, 2009 EST