Site Wide Black Friday Sale - Update Thread

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Original Post

Poocheze says

I'm starting a new thread as the last one was getting very long, very confused, and information was getting lost.

Here is what we have so far:

- a Facebook Fan page. If you are participating in the sale, please fan this page, then let me know under what account so I can add you as an admin. Then everyone who is part of this sale will be able to update the page once a day to promote their shop.

- gifteddesigns is working on a banner, avatar and facebook profile picture for us. They should be ready very soon. This way everyone will have an avatar to use so we will be easily identified in the forums. Everything will have a nice, cohesive look from the shops here, to our blog, to the Facebook Fan page.

- Zeba is working on a blog for us, to showcase the shops that are participating.

-Some people have signed up with directory. It is free and Sue who runs the site will be helping to promote our sale. Thank you Sue! If this is something you're interested in doing, please convo her or myself for details. Since this moved ahead without me while I was working, I'm going to add it to the list of what we have already. ;)

What we still need:

- I'm still waiting to hear back from marymary about using Etsy Black Friday as our tag. If I don't hear from her soon, we'll have to move forward with another idea.

That's it for now, that I can think of. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or to convo me.


Posted at 7:36am Nov 3, 2009 EST


I would love to join in. I am very new and will need to figure out how hosting a sale works? My wife might be interested too.

Posted at 7:40am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Thanks for organizing this.

Posted at 7:43am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Count me in! You are wonderful for setting this up

Posted at 7:44am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Hi Deon,
If it's not too late, I'd like to participate as well. I would offer free gift wrapping with note and many discounted items.

Posted at 7:45am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Poocheze says

AlteredIron, it depends on what sort of sale you're running. If you're doing a % off, you can change all your pricing beforehand or you can send a refund via Paypal. If you choose the latter, you'll still pay full final sale value to Etsy, but some people find that easier.


Posted at 7:45am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Thanks for all your hard work Deon.

Posted at 7:46am Nov 3, 2009 EST

Poocheze says

It's not too late at all. ;) If you have Facebook, fan the page and let me know so I can set you as an admin. If you're going to go with the IndieSmiles directory, be sure to convo Sue to find out all the information about that, too.


Posted at 7:47am Nov 3, 2009 EST

TattieTats says

Deon, I'm interested in participating, too. Fanning the page now as Lindsey Hull.

Posted at 7:49am Nov 3, 2009 EST

I want to participate as well! I have never done a sale, so why not start with the sale of the year?!

Posted at 7:49am Nov 3, 2009 EST