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Want to win a robot magnet?

Post in this thread and if a full 24 hours passes after your post without any additional posts from others, you win! Yay! :-)

Choose from 10 different robot magnets here:

Posted at 10:59am Nov 3, 2009 EST


Why was six afraid of seven?
Because seven was a robot.

Posted at 1:21pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

violinkeri says

i will play! robots are cute

Posted at 3:12pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

Violinkeri - Your Ice Queen Earrings are really pretty!

Posted at 6:10pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

LisbonSky says

Hi Damsel!

Long time no see :)

Posted at 6:20pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

Hey Libson! Are those shoe charms new? I likey :-)

Posted at 7:06pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

violinkeri says

Damsel--thank you so much! The beads are from a mix i bought from pinkbubble, and it just SPOKE to me!

Posted at 7:08pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

LisbonSky says

yeah i made them yesterday

Posted at 8:57pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

violinkeri says

nothing quite like new shoes ;)

Posted at 10:24pm Nov 3, 2009 EST

LisbonSky says

Hot off the press:

Hibiscus silver plated bracelet:


Posted at 7:45am Nov 4, 2009 EST