Etsy, I can't afford to lose $7-$35 or more in fees on a returned item!

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Original Post

Archivia says

Etsy, I urge you to rethink your new policy of not refunding fees for returned items. Not everyone sells thier wares for the average $14. If the item is $100 or over, it isn't a drop in the bucket, you know.

I appreciate the reasons why you made this new rule but do you really think it's fair to make sellers of higher priced items get stuck with a huge Etsy bill for a single returned item? Do you realize that this means you stand to run off the higher-quality items on the site?

Isn't it enough to keep the listing fee and refund the sales fee?

I really don't think you properly thought this one out. Even Ebay refunds FVFs for returned items.

Posted at 6:18pm Nov 5, 2009 EST


Tissage says

You make a good point Archivia. This policy does make Etsy less attractive for sellers of higher priced items. I just hope no one returns one of my hats!

Posted at 6:19pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

interesting point. would love to see other comments....

Posted at 6:20pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

SanDesign says

Less attractive for all of us, I imagine.

Posted at 6:20pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

I totally agree with you. I can't see how they can think this is an ok thing to do! It's outrageous really.

Posted at 6:20pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

Greed = hostility!

Posted at 6:22pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

It really makes you rethink your return policy. Buyers want to have the option to return something, so if you don't accept returns, you lower your appeal as a seller. It's double-dipping too - once the return item is resold, Etsy gets the fees on it again. This policy makes no sense to me.

Posted at 6:22pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

Archivia says

btw the range I quoted above is for items $200-$1000....

Posted at 6:23pm Nov 5, 2009 EST


yes Etsy reconsider please :)

Posted at 6:24pm Nov 5, 2009 EST

Yeah I don't like this new rule AT ALL.

Posted at 6:25pm Nov 5, 2009 EST