UK Chat Thread for November 2009 - PART DEUX "beware the candid cowcam"

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Original Post

Welcome to the chat thread for all UK Etsians.

If you are new, just jump in and start chatting, the thread can move very fast so don't be put off if you don't get a reply straight away, just be persistent!

Tip For UK Sellers:
Tag your items with 'UK' so other sellers in the UK can find you and buy lovely things from you! :) It also helps when UK
members are putting together Treasuries, and want to feature UK Sellers.

One small rule - Please, please do not talk about other sellers on Etsy in a negative way (either by name or even hinting at an identity, Etsy can work it out!), this is known as 'calling out' and is banned on the Etsy forums. Thank you!


****** UK Street Team *******
The Uk Street Team has now changed and is open to all, if you wish to become a member can you please convo:


*****Live Chat*****

The UK sellers meet in the chat rooms every Friday night from 8pm (you will see one chat room clearly saying UK in the title). The password will be posted in the thread every Friday night :)


****** Treasuries *******
Want to put together a Treasury, and don't know how? Then read this nifty tutorial:

Useful Links:
Poster Sketch:
Treasury West:

Are you in a Treasury?


****** USEFUL LINKS *******

Currency Converters:

If you are based in the UK and selling online you need to make sure that you are registered as Self-Employed with HMRC.

Tool to help with identifying colours and colour names:

Heart Stats and Feature Stats:

Tag Finder

Are you in a Treasury?

The ETA on packages from the UK to Europe/ROW can vary greatly especially once items enter into foreign customs / postal systems. Airsure is Royal Mail's "priority" service which means items should be handled first and can be at their destination a day earlier than usual Airmail. But again your milage may vary. Royal Mail does set out a minimum wait period before you can claim compensation, this depends on the service being used.

Remember that items going to ROW (excluding Europe) will need to have a customs form attached and that you should always declare the goods faithfully.

From April 2009 The Royal Mail Postage has gone up!
New Prices PDF:


*****Off-Etsy Fun******

If you are looking for some off-Etsy fun and a fantastic place to network and promote your work then why not make an account and join us on Flickr: where we have a smörgåsbord of groups covering topics such as: promotions, swaps, monthly challenges and much more (see links to flickr groups below).

If you would like more info please feel free to ask and we can send you an invite to the various groups to help you locate us more easily.

* Etsy UK (the group for anyone in the UK with an Etsy shop):

* UK Handmade (a group where you can post photographs of your latest handmade creations):

* Swap Group (a group for swapping supplies and goodies):

* Promotions (a think tank for promotion ideas and venues):

* Crafting 365 days (take the challenge and chronicle your crafting work everyday for a year!):

* Monthly Challenge Group (Everyone is welcome to join in and create and submit something based on the month's theme by the last day of the month.

* Etsy UK Critiques (Have your Etsy shop critiqued by other Etsians):


Details of the new Challenge can be found here on the Flickr group:

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hope the premature threadage doesn't give us the wibbles!

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Posted at 2:39pm Nov 8, 2009 EST

bigbluebed says

Hooray! Thank you Maisy.

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lol thanks maisy

you're looking GORGEOUS tonight pet!

Posted at 2:40pm Nov 8, 2009 EST

Cowisland says

Shove up on the sofa!

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ClareBears says

excellent new threadage Maisy.

truly superb 10/10

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Oooh.Nice in 'ere innit?

Posted at 2:40pm Nov 8, 2009 EST

why fankulovelymoo! *twirls*

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