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Original Post

marymary says

Hi there,

We're continually looking for new items to freshen up the collection of Etsy Gift Guides. For variety and community inclusion, we'd like to continue to open up the selection process within the community. This thread will be one of many places we look for community nominations for the gift guides. Please follow the guidelines for nominating items below.

* We look for items that have excellent photos, would make a great gift idea, and items that inspire shoppers to purchase or keep searching the site for similar items from the posted gift idea.

* Nominate as many items from different sellers as you like. Please keep nominations from your own shop at a reasonable level. For example, posting your entire shop of items to the thread, posting the same item from your shop multiple times, or posting items from your shop daily may be excessive.

* Include a link to the exact item you are nominating for the guides.

I can't promise all items nominated in this thread will make it into the guides, but we will be looking through them frequently. Additionally, we may select nominated items and place them in a different guide than suggested, or we may even select something different within the shop of the nominated item.

Thanks in advance for your participation,


Posted at 12:24pm Nov 10, 2009 EST


Lucky U Gemstones Necklace in Fall Colors:

Posted at 12:25pm Nov 10, 2009 EST

This photography print is great for the dreamer or romantic in your life!

Posted at 12:26pm Nov 10, 2009 EST

Perfect holiday handbag by Mautto Handbags:

Posted at 12:27pm Nov 10, 2009 EST

I would love to be in this Guide! Thanks for the opportunity.

Posted at 12:27pm Nov 10, 2009 EST

Hi Mary,

Here are some petite crystal and Bali silver cube earrings

and a purple and sterling daisy flat bracelet

Thank you

Posted at 12:29pm Nov 10, 2009 EST

This dress would be a fab gift to get!

Posted at 12:29pm Nov 10, 2009 EST