How to stop sterling silver from oxidizing?

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Original Post

Question for you jewelry makers out there....I have a lovely sterling silver pendant I wear all the time. It has intricate scrollwork and in between the scrolls it keeps oxidizing to blackish. I feel like I clean it every day!

Is there something I can use to keep it shiny and not oxidize?


Posted at 12:03pm Nov 13, 2009 EST


Maybe store it in a ziploc bag with an anti-tarnish strip? Might slow down the tarnishing...

Posted at 12:05pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Not really, exposure to air oxidizes silver. You can store it in a zip lock bag with an anti-tarnish slip, but every time you wear it, it will darken slightly. Google the boiling water method of cleaning silver and just clean it when you need to.

Posted at 12:07pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

bijoutery says

Yeah you can't really stop it 100%, but you can slow it down. Keeping it in an anti-tarnish bag or the paper strips in a zippy bag, can help a lot. I rarely have to polish mine, maybe once a year, by doing this.

Posted at 12:08pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Thanks for the advice. I wear it 24/7 so I can't really put it in a ziplock. Unless I start a new style, ziplock hanging off my neck, lol.

Posted at 12:10pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

SDJewelry says

Yeah, there really isn't any way to prevent oxidizing. You can buy some jewelry cleaner and use a toothbrush to get in those crevices.

Posted at 12:16pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Do you take it off at night? You could give it a good wipe down with a polishing cloth and stick in a ziploc with an anti-tarnish strip. I also recommend the boiling water method. Some people's skin turn silver faster than others and the jewelry requires cleaning more often.

Posted at 12:17pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

I just notice it on my necklace, my rings and bracelets I wear all the time are fine. Must be the scroll work.

Thanks everyone. I was hoping for some magic no tarnish dip that would keep it shiny all the time.

Posted at 12:18pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

You might try a coat of paste wax, renewed often. Won't hurt it - and can easily be removed with hot soapy water.

Posted at 12:25pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

EBSpider says

I keep my sterling silver jewelry in an "anti-tarnish" jewelry case/bag. I don't wear it much. But guess what? It still turned.

I hate silver. There's no way to keep it from turning.

Posted at 12:34pm Nov 13, 2009 EST