My Seven Best Tips for Successful Etsy Selling

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Original Post

piddix says

A couple weeks ago I started writing up a small blog post for on tips for etsy success. What started off as a short piece turned into a 13-page pdf with photos, links, and some of the very best pieces of advice that I could come up with. After reading it my husband even worried I was giving too much away, so hopefully you can find some new tips in there that will be helpful.

It's long, so I won't post the whole article here, but here is the link to the full article:

And here's a summary, compiled by Jen of indiefixx.

TIP #1: Read, Read, Read (& Weed)
Spend time looking for online resources for setting up and maintaining your etsy shop. Many are super helpful like Etsy Success for Beginner Sellers and the etsywiki. Just be careful of the huge time suck that looking for advice can be!

TIP #2: Find Your Product
Figuring out what product to sell on Etsy is not as easy as it may seem. If you’re like many crafters, you’ve tried a dozen different crafts and what many of us do when we start selling is put up a little of everything—a couple of hats, a necklace, some cards. This works fine when you’re playing around, but if your goal is to sell well on Etsy, the decision of what to sell should be an intentional choice and play to your strengths.

TIP #3: How to Set Up Shop
Creating a basic Etsy shop can be easily done in less than an hour–A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Shop on Etsy is a good place to start–but it’s really a good idea to spend some time creating your profile, coming up with policies, thinking about “the look” of your shop & more beyond just the basics.

TIP #4: Take Amazing Photographs
Perhaps nothing is more important on Etsy than having amazing photographs. If your items look great, you’re much more likely to be featured on and off Etsy on blogs, in treasuries, and even on the front page—all of which lead to more views and more sales.

TIP #5: Strive for Repeat Customers
The old adage that it is easier to keep a current customer than to bring in a new one is entirely true on Etsy. Nearly 40% of my sales on Etsy are from returning customers. Keeping your customers satisfied isn’t rocket science, but it does take work.

TIP #6: Promote on Etsy
Now that you’ve taken care of the “big three” (having a great product, great photos, and great customer service), it’s time to tell the world about your shop and why not use the powerhouse of the Etsy machine to get your shop noticed via the front page treasuries, the Storque, Etsy newsletters and more.

TIP #7: Market Outside of Etsy
Being featured on a major blog can be the equivalent of winning the Etsy lottery, resulting in selling a year’s worth of goods in just one week, so it’s important to spend time promoting outside of Etsy as well.

Thanks all...

Posted at 6:07pm Nov 13, 2009 EST


Thanks for the great post!

Posted at 6:10pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Thanks for your tips !!

Posted at 6:10pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Thanks for your tips. I'm stuck at so many steps.

Posted at 6:11pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

piddix says

You're so welcome everyone.

Posted at 8:21pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Thanks Piddix. I've been stuck in the black hole for the last few days trying to figure some of the things out :)

Posted at 8:30pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

YourTime says

Thanks for the great post. Nice of you to share :-)

Posted at 8:31pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Good stuff!

Posted at 8:31pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Marking... thank you!

Posted at 8:31pm Nov 13, 2009 EST

Wonderful advice, especially for those of us newbies!

However, just wondering exactly how to actually "use" the Etsy powerhouse?

I'm working on new products, taking my best pics and would be ready to provide A+ customer service - if some one could find me!

Is promotion with in Etsy worth it? How else might one use the powerhouse? Any advice would be much, much appreciated!!

Posted at 8:33pm Nov 13, 2009 EST