What is the difference between a FARMERS MARKET and FLEA MARKET?

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Original Post

I have been curious about this as i have both in my small town however the famers market only has about 4-5 vendors. where as the flea market has dozens. I am not sure which to try as i know when people go to flea markets they are excepting CHEAP. Any advice on this topic would be nice. Thanks in advance.

Posted at 10:37pm Nov 16, 2009 EST


Tissage says

A farmers market is usually focused on produce and other food items. A flea market is more focused on non-food items.

Posted at 10:38pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

ZipZapKap says

Tissage nailed it.

Posted at 10:39pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

I agree with Tissage, but the lines get blurred in my part of the country. At the local flea market I find live ducks and chickens for sale (not a good place for me to set up).

Posted at 10:40pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

Flea markets used to be for antiques and garage sale items, now they are more retail, cheap stuff. Farmers markets are fresh fruits and veggies and often have other handmade items like baked goods, candles and soaps, and sometimes other types of crafters.

Posted at 10:40pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

BlueTea says

Farmers don't have fleas!
(I am guessing)

Posted at 10:41pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

Okay if the farmer market is for mostly produce then my town really has issues. it is people selling jewelry and purses mostly at least what i have seen driving down the road. I havent stopped by to check it out since there wasnt alot of vendors.

Posted at 10:47pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

ZipZapKap says

Budding: I used to be involved with organizing the local farmer's market - the decision was made to refuse all applications by non-food sellers because we were being flooded by resellers and attendance was dropping as a result. I imagine other places will start making similar decisions.

Posted at 10:52pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

crochetgal says

In most places I've lived, a farmers market is mainly produce and a few 'upscale' art/craft vendors.

Here a flea market is basically a '5 & 10' where most of the items for sale are cheap inports.

Posted at 10:53pm Nov 16, 2009 EST

I guess it depends on your area. Check them both out! In my town the farmer's market is downtown and HUGE people drink booze, there's live music you can buy tons of produce AND handmade items. The Flea market is in the latino part of town and it's mostly used items like a big communal garage sale.

I personally love them both but find more interesting items at the flea market.

Posted at 10:55pm Nov 16, 2009 EST