How do you keep shipping costs low?

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Original Post

happyskein says

Before opening shop I thought that going with flat rate priority mail shipping would be the best for me (no worry about finding shipping supplies and underestimating shipping costs). I thought that a skein of my handspun yarn would fit in a small box, but after checking at the post office how small small really is, I realized that I would have to go for medium. This of course raises the cost considerably and I am thinking it is hurting sales :(
So, should I go for Parcel post? Then I'll have to find boxes...
How do you do it?
Thanks for your help,


Posted at 10:23 am Nov 17, 2009 EST


Isn't your yarn under 13oz? You can ship 1st class if it is. I like to ship that way. You would still need boxes though.....

Posted at 10:26 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

I'd say 1st class too.

Posted at 10:27 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

If you're in the US - consider using first class for most of your work.

Here, I geared what I sell online to what I could cheaply ship because otherwise I'd sell much less lol.

Posted at 10:29 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

i buy my packaging materials in bulk (i send everything in a small cotton-filled jewelry box within a bubble-lined envelope), which saves loads!

all packages are shipped 1st class w/ delivery confirmation. (unless buyer requests Priority shipping)

if you print your shipping labels from PayPal, delivery confirmation is $0.18, as opposed to $0.75 at the post office)

hope that helps!

Posted at 10:33 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

You can ship Priority in non-Priority or non-Flat Rate boxes. Use whatever size box you need. Add Priority stickers or tape, which you can order free from USPS. yes, you'll have to find boxes... start asking everyone you know to save them. My Starbucks always has clean, small and medium boxes from unwrapping coffee mugs and such.

Sometimes Priority is less than Parcel. Use your PayPal label page... you can check different modes of shipping w/o actually printing the label, just use your back button.

Of course, as others said, maybe you can ship yarn in large lightweight bubble mailers, under 13 oz. First Class.

Posted at 10:37 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

anycards says

you can get regular priority mail boxes (not flat) at the PO for free (or on I got some bulk shipping supplies on ebay for very good prices.

I try to reuse as much as possible. I asked friends to bring me small boxes, bubblewrap, etc from their workplaces. I save any and every box I can to try and reuse.

Posted at 10:38 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

why not bubble mailers sent first class? boxes are much more expensive to ship.

Posted at 10:41 am Nov 17, 2009 EST


skeins of yarn can go into bubble mailers or tyvek mailers (bags). The bags weight less than box would so you reduce your costs there. Boxes look nice but cost more to ship

Posted at 10:41 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

McIsaacArt says

I strap on my angel wings and flap.

Posted at 10:42 am Nov 17, 2009 EST

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