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Original Post

anniepoo says

30 on 30- ever heard of it??? Its not an original idea but its one that could be very successful at promoting the handmade movement as well as your shop! Let's get the word out- lets encourage everyone we know to spend $30 on November 30th- ON ETSY!!!
Supporting artists, spreading the love- thats what the handmade movement is all about right?
We need tweeters, facebookers, bloggers, sellers, buyers, emailers and a few computer savy people to donate some banners and buttons-

Who wants in?

Posted at 6:28pm Nov 17, 2009 EST


anniepoo says


Posted at 6:30pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

trucdart says

Hmm, haven't heard of it. I manage the SactoMetro Etsy Street Team- we can blog/FB/tweet it.

Posted at 6:30pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

spongetta says

Not a fizzle! A great goal!

Posted at 6:31pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

Thanks trucdart!

Posted at 6:31pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

great attitude spongetta- thanks for the kick in the butt!

It will be great timing for holiday shopping!

Posted at 6:32pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

anyone else???
its not going to get very far with three people tweeting about it...

Posted at 6:34pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

cool! keep this thread bookmarked and I will keep everyone updated on the progress!

Posted at 6:36pm Nov 17, 2009 EST

MABjewelry says

Great idea!

Posted at 6:37pm Nov 17, 2009 EST