30 on 30 ROLL CALL-

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Original Post

anniepoo says

Support Handmade and spend $30 on November 30th on ETSY!!!
If you are participating in the 30 on 30 movement please post your shop name and link with a breif description of your items.

**please only post your shop name and link with a description in this thread. We would like for this to be strictly a list of shops participating- Thanks!

Posted at 4:53pm Nov 18, 2009 EST


anniepoo says

If you would like more information about this awesome event go here: www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6352506

Posted at 4:54pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

Annie's Powder Room: anniepoo.etsy.com
Stop by Annie's Powder Room for totally unique soaps that are perfect for gift giving and stocking stuffing! We TRULY have a soap for ANYONE!!!

Posted at 4:55pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

bomobob says

This really belongs in promos. So much...

Posted at 4:56pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

GemstonesandWire.etsy.com - Handmade custom Jewelry and accessories.

Posted at 4:56pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

trucdart says

Truc d'Art: trucdart.etsy.com
Check out my shop for colorful, small format original artwork and gemstone jewelry.

Posted at 4:59pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

sure i'll join =)

www.sesamebijoux.etsy.com - Sesame Bijoux is where you will find delicate sparkley handmade jewelry.

Posted at 5:06pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

trucdart says

P.S. Annie asked Etsy to move this to promos for her, put it in the business topics area by mistake. Just FYI.

Posted at 5:07pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Unique and custom quilts including...

...Fabric Postcards $10 each:

...Christmas Fabric Postcards $10 each:

...Journal/Sketchbook covers with blank book $25 each:

...Wine Glass Coasters set of 4 $6 each:

...Quilted Coasters set of 4 for $15:

Posted at 5:09pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

HimeGirls says

himegirls.etsy.com you can find any thing cute here. accessories. I will have new items soon!

Posted at 5:10pm Nov 18, 2009 EST