30 on 30 ROLL CALL-

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kitkit96 says

Are you looking for jewelry that everyone will love! Look no further that is just what you will find in kitkit96.etsy.com A wide varity of materials including glass, pearl, solid sterling silver, silver plated. Something for everyone!

Posted at 6:08pm Nov 18, 2009 EST


Unique, colourful, beautiful, handmade silver creations

Posted at 6:10pm Nov 18, 2009 EST


knit and crochet items made from vintage patterns

Posted at 6:11pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

ArtheliasAttic says:
"can you just put what your one liners?"

A one line description of your shop! Or a space between the url and your oneliner...

Posted at 6:12pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Handmade By Sandi HandmadeBySandi.etsy.com

Crochet items for the whole family, even your pet!

Posted at 6:25pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

www.starbabyonline.etsy.com - one of a kind jewelry finds, mostly in sterling silver and gems! I'll be adding the 30on30 soon.



Posted at 6:40pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

I sell all things knitted...get your wooly winterwear here and also gorgeous beaded jewellery for that Christmas present.

Find me at www.knitterscarlet.etsy.com (not sure how to put a link in sorry)

Posted at 6:42pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Wellspring Creations has lovely sterling silver accessories starting at $12.99. A quality gift for a low price!


Posted at 6:46pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

funnyfuser says

Safe to wear anodized Titanium and Niobium earrings. I also only use nickel free findings. Fused glass art to wear. Barrettes to beads.


Posted at 6:49pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Giving this thread a bump up :)

Posted at 6:59pm Nov 18, 2009 EST