Spend $30 on November 30th and support the handmade movement!

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Original Post

anniepoo says

This idea is really picking up speed so I want to try to keep this as organized as possible so we can get this out to as many people as possible!

If you would like to participate in this event please do the following:

*Sunflowerexpress.etsy.com has done an awesome job creating banners, avatars and blog buttons for us. You can grab yours here! www.flickr.com/photos/23798759@N07/?saved=1
Please use them!!!

*Start tagging your items with 30on30 so that your items can be easily found for people searching

* Please tweet, facebook, myspace, blog and email about this event. Something like "Spend $30 on November 30th on ETSY and support the Handmade movement!"

*Also- if you are participating in this event please gp post your shop in this thread www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6352505
with a brief description of what they can expect in your shop (i.e. I would put- Stop by Annie's Powder Room anniepoo.etsy.com for unique soaps that are perfect for gift giving and stocking stuffing!!!

If you have any question or ideas on how we can make this even bigger please convo me :) Happy Handmade everyone!!!

Posted at 4:53pm Nov 18, 2009 EST


trucdart says

Great Annie, thank you.

Posted at 5:00pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

you are welcome! Now- we need everyone's help in keeping this thread bumped up so more people can join in on the fun ;)

Posted at 5:03pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

typewink says

This is a really neat idea.

Posted at 5:06pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

thanks typewink! I think its going to be lots of fun and I'll bet it brings lots of sales!!!

Posted at 5:07pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

if you are just joining this movement make sure to jump in here and let us know :)

Posted at 5:11pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

if you are posting in the roll call thread please make sure to read this one :)

sad attempt at a bump lol

Posted at 5:24pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

anniepoo says

bumping for a later crowd :)

Posted at 5:42pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Bumping for you. Will be posting in the roll call thread, too. Perhaps put out flyers on local bulletin boards, coffee shops, etc. Maybe even a flyer on our vehicles as we drive around town.

Posted at 5:45pm Nov 18, 2009 EST

Sounds like a great idea ;<)

Posted at 5:49pm Nov 18, 2009 EST