How to remove a watch face?

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Original Post

I'm trying to remove the glass plate from a watch and can't seem to do it without cracking the glass, or at least chipping it.

I've been using an exacto knife or at tiny screw driver.

Is there maybe some kind of miracle formula or something....that I can put on the watch to dissolve the glue or something???

has anyone ever had any luck with this???

Posted at 11:58am Nov 19, 2009 EST


I've googled and googled and all I can find is 714 websites with instructions on how to remove scratches from watch faces.

Posted at 12:07pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

What kind of watch is it?

Posted at 2:22pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

All different kinds

Posted at 2:42pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

kateweb says

some watches you need to take the back off and remove a ring from be hind the face others are held on buy something from the outside but I would start by taking the back off and pulling out the guts

Posted at 3:14pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

I agree w/ kateweb, there is really no way to get the face off from the front without scratching/breaking it unless it is designed to come off.

Posted at 6:45pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

I give it to my hubby! :o)

Posted at 6:49pm Nov 19, 2009 EST

I did this once by accident. I took it apart from the back to get at the battery and ended up taking the whole face apart and losing some parts. So, for that watch anyway, going from the back seemed to work.

Posted at 6:49pm Nov 19, 2009 EST