SOLD items - Can you please show the price of the item sold?

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Original Post

Faustopia says

In the sold listings, it would be interesting to find out how much the item sold for, in case you were interested in purchasing the item if another one came up for sale, or for research purposes.
Can you do this for us, Etsy?

Anyone else want to see this feature?

Posted at 10:07pm Nov 22, 2009 EST


I actually wouldn't like this feature, because what if you had to raise your prices at some point? I wouldn't want potential buyers seeing a similar item that sold for a cheaper price (for whatever reason) in the past. They might not place as much value on the item then, not purchase, etc.

Posted at 10:10pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

HereMyDear says

People appreciate their privacy. While I understand what your getting at, I think in the long run it's better to block the sold prices.

Posted at 10:12pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

Etsy used to have the Sold items set up to show the price, but most of us didn't like it and thankfully Adminstration changed it.

Posted at 10:12pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

HereMyDear says

Good point summeresque.. you'd never be able to change those prices. whether you raise or lower them and customers would know and might not be too pleased

Posted at 10:14pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

Etsy removed the Prices for sold items about 1-2 years ago after a massive outcry from both Sellers and Buyers ..for Privacy reasons..they will never go back now..

Posted at 10:14pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

Prices of supplies like silver etc fluctuate with the market and so prices have to be adjusted accordingly. A lot of customer may not understand this.

Posted at 10:14pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

Sold items used to show the price, but sellers did not like that and it was changed long ago.

Because the price of sterling fluctuates, I often have to adjust my prices. Something that I make now costs more to make that a similar item did just a year ago. I would not like people to see my 'old' prices and wonder why I am now selling at higher prices.

I am glad that the prices for sold items is only visible to the buyer and the seller and I would be unhappy to see this change back and be visible to everyone.

Good Luck Everyone!

Posted at 10:14pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

Faustopia says

Oh I see. You've all brought up good points. Thanks for your input! :-)

Posted at 10:14pm Nov 22, 2009 EST

oops...that = than...

Posted at 10:15pm Nov 22, 2009 EST