Question for all the Christmas card sellers!!!!!!

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Original Post

I'm relatively new to selling cards, and I've had a couple of sales early on in October/November. Now that it's getting closer to December, I was wondering if I should put a specific date that cards should be ordered by?

Do any of you put a date on your announcements reminding buyers when they should have their card orders in, to ensure they'd receive them in time to mail them out?

Being in Canada, I've noticed a bit of a lag in shipping packages to the U.S. so I'm worried that people won't get their cards in time to mail them out!!

So any seasoned Christmas card sellers out there, what do you do???

Posted at 5:03am Nov 23, 2009 EST


does anyone have any advice???

Posted at 5:55am Nov 23, 2009 EST

No, I don't remind buyers that they should order their cards in time. Most of them will know that it takes at least 5 business days to get a parcel from Europe to the USA or elsewhere over the ocean :o)

Posted at 6:03am Nov 23, 2009 EST

dspdavey says

I have put a specific date my customers should order by for Christmas presents. I have given a generous time frame for shipping, assuming that the postal services collapse a little during the "silly season".

Hope that helps.

Posted at 6:03am Nov 23, 2009 EST

I haven't addressed that at all. Guess it wouldn't hurt. I'm a one woman show and a number of last minute orders might cost me some sales. Posting a date for orders can't hurt and might be enough of a nudge to get those procrastinators moving.

Posted at 6:07am Nov 23, 2009 EST

bomobob says

I'm going to do that today. There are different shipping deadlines depending on the destination.

Posted at 7:34am Nov 23, 2009 EST

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Posted at 11:39am Nov 23, 2009 EST

dippylulu says

I never put a date and often sell cards after the holidays too.

Posted at 11:40am Nov 23, 2009 EST

I know the Post office sets deadlines, but if you want to put something in your announcement, state that they should order them before POs deadline for them to receive them in time to send them out.

Or you could offer to mail them direct to the recipeint. I tried this one year, but didn't get any takers.

Posted at 11:43am Nov 23, 2009 EST

holy spam, Batman!

Posted at 11:44am Nov 23, 2009 EST