PETITION to Remove Highy Offensive Religious Items - Christians please help

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Original Post

Dstahler says

While Christmas shopping yesterday, looking for gifts related to "Christ" I came across this disgusting, and offensive imagery on Etsy. It brought me to tears to think that such an item would be permitted to be sold here.

I believe that no matter what religion you are, you should be entitled to browse Etsy without having to view such perverse and disgusting merchandise. This item is highly offensive to devout Christians. I don't believe any religion should have to tolerate such sacrilege.

Please band together in the hope that Etsy can be a place of respect and tolerance for all religious beliefs, and put an end to such offensive items being advertised here.

Darlene Stahler

Posted at 9:35am Nov 25, 2009 EST


You know - I'm not religous at all and I have a real problem with it. I would report it and try to have it removed. Really offensive, and I'm the most liberal person I know!

Posted at 9:39am Nov 25, 2009 EST

LeenaBee says

That is offensive.

Posted at 9:40am Nov 25, 2009 EST

reported it as well ... though i do think that admin may not like this thread too much since it could be viewed as "calling out"?

Posted at 9:44am Nov 25, 2009 EST

This is one of the most offensive things I have ever seen. Its disgusting, and sheds a horrible light on Etsy. If you don't have it removed, I need to reconsider even being on this site to buy or sell.

Posted at 9:46am Nov 25, 2009 EST

ZipZapKap says

It's offensive, but nobody has the right or entitlement to never be offended.

Posted at 9:46am Nov 25, 2009 EST


If Etsy closes this thread down I just want to say that there is no reason at all that we Christians need to be offended in that way on such a wonderful site such as Etsy. I could see it on Ebay-perhaps but not here.

Posted at 9:49am Nov 25, 2009 EST

abbasgirl says

UGH!!! Disgusting! But, since the link was posted, this will probably be shut down for calling out. Better to just report it and not give that seller the views that will come from this thread :o(

Oh, and one more thing...why is it that whenever Christians speak up about their faith being slammed, we are "intolerant" (that is the inference) That we do not honor freedom of speech etc...Well, I AM intolerant of disrespectful and mean spirited people, and I AM a Christian!

How about some respect?!

Posted at 9:53am Nov 25, 2009 EST

hmmmm, cant you not look at it? imagine if everywhere on the net removed everything someone found offensive, there would be nothing left

Posted at 9:55am Nov 25, 2009 EST

Holy Call Outs


Posted at 9:56am Nov 25, 2009 EST