Let's support unemployed Etsians this holiday!

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Original Post

CasePhile says

I know it's a tough year for a lot of people with the economy this year. If you've lost your job not-by-choice (as in, not a Quit Your Day Job situation) then post here and let's all tweet some of your great items.

Wouldn't it make you feel so warm and fuzzy to give gifts and support those who need it this year?

Can you all help me come up with a snappy hash tag on Twitter for this?

Posted at 12:51 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST


CasePhile says

Oh maybe this should go in promotions? I don't know...

Posted at 12:51 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

LaurieRyan says

hmmmmmmmm I think it should go in promos but I'm not totally sure, great idea though

Posted at 12:52 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

CasePhile says

I'll post a list of names as I get them, if people want to convo or twitter me as well.

What do you think of using the tag

Posted at 1:00 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

Bumping this up cause I think it's a great idea!

Posted at 1:15 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

NeatThings says

If you haven't bought anything from UnemployedDesigner, you should.

Posted at 1:16 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

I'm unemployed, day #42. (I've been keeping track in my blog...)

Not doing too bad, though. I'm pretty young. Haven't had to postpone any of my student loans yet, and I have a loving family/boyfriend who are very supportive if ever I need it. No kids/mortgage to worry about.

So don't worry about me.

But I do think that this is a great idea! Some folks really are hurting this year, so I would love to do what I can to help!

I like the hash tag, and can start promoting on my Twitter, too!

Posted at 1:17 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

ceejaybags says

Check out this thread, listing several shop owners who are in need of some help this year. It's put together by the HOST team

Posted at 1:19 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

I am unemployed and not by choice.
I was working for a Quad man and had been off and on for 4 year. I had worked 7 months straight without a day off. I was exhausted and having memory problems because of it. I asked if he could find someone for weekends only and he replaced me.Heres the sad part. He is my best guy friend! He calls me when he has an emergency or his new caregiver needs a day off and I cant say no to him. He's a great guy but really selfish.(Most Quads I have worked for are selfish it's all they have control over). COme to find out he had a mold problem in his apt and they moved him out. Since not working for him several of my health problems have gone!! He is including me in his law suit!

Posted at 1:20 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

ceejaybags says

and this is the supporting thread, with discussions, and shop owners who are able to help


You can also search the Forum for the HOST team

Posted at 1:21 pm Nov 25, 2009 EST

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