Singer 6235 HELP!

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Original Post

I just received a Singer 6235 from my MIL. I figured out how to wind a bobbin, which I've done. I can't seem to get past the whole raising the bobbin thread thing though. I have the manual and have read it about 23493271 times. Every time I think I have it done right, I try to sew a straight stitch and the bobbin doesn't work (my stitches are very loopy on the underside of the fabric).

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong??? I've looked for help sites all over the internet, but apparently my machine isn't one that too many people have anymore. :(

Posted at 3:58am Nov 26, 2009 EST


It sound like you aren't catching your bobbins thread. You have to drop in your bobbin and bring it thru the two niched spots to the left. Then run the needle and it should caugh the bobbin thread then pull it to the top of the machine.

Posted at 4:01am Nov 26, 2009 EST

I have this machine; (copied from book) Raise needle to highest position by turning hand wheel toward you; raise presser foot; open slide plate; turn pattern selector dial until green indicating dot lines up under Straight Stitch/Bobbin Winding. Put an empty bobbin, with black rings facing up, into bobbin case; close slide plate, lining up marks on slide plate and machine bed; this engages the bobbin winder. Bring thread from needle, under presser foot and wind it one turn in any direction, around presser foot screw, pulling it into spring groove on screw; begin running machine; the window in the slide plate lets you watch the bobbin winding. When desired amount of thread has been wound, stop machine. DO NOT ALLOW THREAD TO WIND BEYOND THE OUTSIDE "FULL" RING. Remove thread from presser foot screw; close slide plate, returning machine to sewing position; raise needle to its highest position; pull 4" of thread under foot toward back of machine, and cut. To begin sewing, position needle in fabric where desired, lower presser foot and start machine.

Posted at 4:05am Nov 26, 2009 EST

GoTo says

Sometimes that happens when you don't hold the threads when you start the first few stitches.

Posted at 4:53am Nov 26, 2009 EST