Do you have PEACH Colored items for a COLOR FEATURE on my BLOG??

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Original Post

I do a Color Feature on my blog every week and it is tweeted/facebooked and shared by everyone featured on their network.
Last week's Color Feature (Mustard Yellow) recieved 800+ views!

This weeks color is Baby Blue and 8 beautiful pieces have been included.

For next week, I am looking for PEACH colored items to feature on my blog.

If you would like to enter for a Color Feature on my blog, you have to do the following TWO steps,

1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite items from this week's feature.


2. Post your item matching next week's color, "PEACH" in this Etsy Forum. Match your item with the Color Swatch in my blog.

Also, Do mention your blogname in this forum, if different from your etsy shopname.

Posted at 1:59pm Nov 30, 2009 EST


Creativewithclay - thank you so much, you've made my day!

I just posted this on my site:

We had a very sad end to our holiday weekend. A man walked into a coffee shop and fatally shot 4 police officers that were working on their laptops. The search is still on for this man. They believe that one of the officers was able to get a shot off and wounded the man.
I feel so bad for these families - these four police officers had a combined total of 9 children.
I'd like to do something for their families, so for every one of my cards that is sold I will donate $1.00 to the fund started for their families. I will run this until further notice.
So, check out my cards and see if there is something you like. If you need a different sentiment, color or design - let me know, I will make it for you.

God bless all the police officers who put there lives in danger every day for us!

Posted at 2:06pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

thanks for including me in the baby blue feature! :)

Posted at 2:55pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

Awesome idea! My blog:

Posted at 3:00pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

Something peach for you to include:

I hope you love it!

I posted under Jeananne :) Again, love the blog!

Posted at 3:03pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

bprdesigns says

great choices again this week!!

I have this in the peach range...

Posted at 3:04pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

Would love to enter a photo for the peach color...

Sliding Slim the Copper Rattlesnake

Such a great idea!

Posted at 4:38pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

i think i have some peachy colored candles :)

lots of good stuff here :) starting my blog back up would love followers!

added 2 more cups to the cup of tarts, they are the last 2 pics.

My cyber monday sale !

$1.00 off each 8 ounce candle, now $6.00

$3.00 off 3 of the 8 ounce candles, now only $15.00

$2.00 off each 16 ounce candle, now $12.00

$4.00 off 3 of the 16 ounce candles, now $35.00

Goat milk soap $4.00 each or 3 for $10.00

Posted at 4:40pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

Squier says

My Peachy item is:

Peachy Dew Drops I

My blog:

Love the Sea Blue Necklace on your blog!

Posted at 4:43pm Nov 30, 2009 EST

hotjavva says

thanks for including my coloring book in your baby blue selection. Looks great, I always love seeing your blog.

Posted at 4:59pm Nov 30, 2009 EST