EtsyFriends Team Thread - From Our Home to Yours . . . (Dec - Jan)

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LilacAve says


Been busy with business, and my parents are here visiting. CANNOT wait until a couple weeks from now when things calm down. How are things with ya'll?

Posted at 3:47 pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

LilacAve says

Congrats AllThangs!!!!!

Ya'lls wishes sound wonderful.

This year all I would like:

1. Orders for hubbys shore duty, so we can get a break from him constantly being gone.

2. To be settled somewhere for more than 1 yr.

Honestly that is it. I just want to be a family again, and stop feeling so disheveled.

Posted at 3:49 pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

Carapace says

We got our Christmas tree today, hurrah! And apparently we're going to get snow tomorrow, It's very festive, but we're in Central Texas here, not exactly kitted out for snow. Or temperatures under 50F, let's be honest. It was 79 and sunny last week! People were swimming! Oh well. It IS the season!:D

Glad to know other people are having slow sales--I mean,I'd love it if this team was makin' sales hand over fist! But it's good to know there's a pattern. How can we change that, hmmm...people on all my other teams are griping about it too. What can we do to get eyes and wallets over here?

Off for coffee and more pre-decorating, I think. Be well, lovelies!

Posted at 6:37 pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

Allthinsold- 4 kittens! How on earth would I be able to keep that from hubby? LOL

Posted at 7:51 pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

Bead, I promise you he will be overjoyed with love for them it wont matter anymore. they have a soft spot on the heart. Promise

Posted at 9:18 pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

LilacAve says

Good morning all!

Today the kids are out of school for a Furlough Friday. Not much planned though. MAybe a movie and grocery shopping. I am anxiously awaiting my wax to get some new stuff up in my shop.

Posted at 1:19 pm Dec 4, 2009 EST

I haven't gotten much done today. I felt wore out so I took me a couple of naps. I will work extra hard when I get back with kiddo.

I am out of coffee that might be why...time to caffeen it up. That way no sleep till everything is done.

Posted at 2:52 pm Dec 4, 2009 EST

Hi! LilacAve- What is a Furlough Friday?


Posted at 6:36 pm Dec 4, 2009 EST

rctees says

Hi all...just checking in. Like everyone else things are CRAZY right now. Sales have picked up and is school.

I put my tree up and had to take it right down. New kitty Max, decided to take up residence in it and I was just too afraid that he would hurt himself. I made the heartbreaking decision to take it down. My boys are 20 and 25 and still not happy that when they come home the tree will not be up. Oh well, maybe next year when Max is "hopefully" not such a kitten (he's six months old), we can try it again.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

Posted at 7:41 pm Dec 4, 2009 EST

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