Facebook MISTAKE #4: Treating all Fans equally

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Original Post

Facebook MISTAKE #4...
Treating all Fans equally

Talk to new fans and help them get to know you by repeating some of your older posts.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

New Fans come on board constantly (I hope). They don't know how great you are yet and have not seen all your posts, so repeat some of your older, valuable content. Now I'm not referring to your "ads & promotions", I'm talking about the meaty stuff, the interesting tidbits about you, what you do, the theme of your page and those questions you ask fans to help get them engaged. (uh, you don't have posts like those? Hmmm, I better make that my next MISTAKE article.) BUT don't just copy and paste - rewrite what you repeat so that even older Fans will think its new!
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Disclaimer: My 'MISTAKES Series' is just my opinion - you do what feels best for you.

******** PLEASE DO NOT ******** post your Facebook URL here in the Business Topics. If you go to the Promotions area, you will find LOTS of FB page threads where you can 'fan trade'. Thanks!

I'm excited to announce I now have over 1000 Fans!
I LOVE Facebook (However, due to FB's new changes Oct '09 I'm downgrading this to "LIKE a LOT" . LOL)
-- Lori Lee

Posted at 2:32pm Dec 3, 2009 EST


LaurieRyan says

great idea, I pretty much ignore my fan page bad of me I know it

Posted at 2:33pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

I just started my FB fan site. I'm still working out how best to use it.

Posted at 2:34pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

Be sure to search for my other "Facebook MISTAKE" threads.

Posted at 2:36pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

LaurieRyan said:
great idea, I pretty much ignore my fan page bad of me I know it
Naughty naughty! But we all have our priorities. My blog is so neglected. I found I just didn't think I was good at it, but yet I love posting blurbs on FB. I'm trying to get back to blogging now too.

Posted at 2:37pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

great idea! i forget to re-post info from time to time. thanks!

Posted at 2:38pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

You may be the person to ask then. Facebook was going great for me until the newsfeed thing changed a month or so back. I am not sure how to adjust for that...any ideas OP

Posted at 2:40pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

for clarification...many of my fans don't know to hit "live newsfeed" and so I am not showing up unless they do that

Posted at 2:42pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

BTW didn't mean to go OT (well it's kinda related) but you just seemed so knowledgeable...can I convo you sometime OP?

Posted at 2:43pm Dec 3, 2009 EST

newhopebeading said:
BTW didn't mean to go OT (well it's kinda related) but you just seemed so knowledgeable...can I convo you sometime OP?
Sure you can convo... but we can talk about it right here to.

I was livid when it happened. I had just reached my 1000 fans and things were going great. Then poof, my interactions plummeted dramatically. Took me a couple of weeks to even understand what was going on.
Here's a thread I started...

Solution... continue posting engaging information on your page, and wait. Mine is gradually building again. Once FB people get a handle on all this, I think it will improve. But I don't think it will ever be as good as it was before.

Posted at 3:11pm Dec 3, 2009 EST