Jewelry makers - My ears hurt when I wear earrings, help me !

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Original Post

Most earrings I put in seem to make my ears hurt after a while, is it the metal in the post? Even ones that say they are Silver plated hurt, is there another type of metal I should search for?

Thanks !

Posted at 10:30am Dec 8, 2009 EST


I would think silver plated would be the worst, not the best.

Have you tried sterling silver or surgical steel?

Posted at 10:32am Dec 8, 2009 EST

lesleyanne says

Your ears are probably reacting to the metal, I have the same problem! I can only wear sterling silver, or real gold (which I don't really wear anyway).

This might sounds weird, but something I do if I have a pair of earrings that I LOVE, but maybe they're vintage or just not sterling, I cover the post or hook with clear nail polish! It really works. Weird? :) Or you could always just change the hooks.

Posted at 10:35am Dec 8, 2009 EST

Okay just checked the description of these earrings I have and it is actually sterling silver, not silver plated.
Surgical steel...not heard of that one...sounds inviting !

Posted at 10:36am Dec 8, 2009 EST

I would recommend trying sterling (not plated) to see if that helps.

There are lots of metal allergies that prevent people from wearing certain earrings. I have a niece that can't wear any metal earrings, not even platinum.

Try out different metals, and if all else fails, check out GoTo's shop. I got some plastic earring pieces from her, and they are the only thing that works for my niece.

Good Luck!

Posted at 10:38am Dec 8, 2009 EST

I would change the posts but I absolutely love these earrings and they were pretty expensive and you can't even buy them anymore so don't want to tempt fate, I would be so upset if they broke because they are made of acrylic which is fragile.

Posted at 10:38am Dec 8, 2009 EST

If you are buying earrings here on Etsy you can always ask the seller if they can change the ear wires for surgical steel :)

Posted at 10:39am Dec 8, 2009 EST

Littleclouds, surgical steel is used a lot in body jewelry like navel rings, which can be very finicky. It seems to work well in sensitive piercings like that, so hopefully your ears won't reject it!

Not sure how many sellers have that option, though.

Posted at 10:39am Dec 8, 2009 EST

Sorry, it was (GoTo's supply shop) where I got the plastic ear 'wires' that my niece can wear.

Posted at 10:47am Dec 8, 2009 EST

Are they new? You can try washing them in mild soap and water. If they were polished, or cleaned with a jewelry cleaner it might be a residue that's bothering your skin.

If that doesn't help, you many be sensitive to sterling silver. You might want to try gold, gold fill or surgical steel. Everyone has different sensitivities so you have ti see what works for you.

I absolutely can't wear anything plated, or any metal containing nickel. After a short while, it's too painful for me to wear keep them in.

Posted at 10:48am Dec 8, 2009 EST

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