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Original Post

I've been on Etsy for a while and I'm not upset with sales, but I'd like to make sure my shop is at its best. Thoughts, comments, critiques? You love/hate the pictures, you wish the prices were higher/lower? A less vague banner?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Posted at 5:32pm Dec 9, 2009 EST


Your photos are nicely posed, but a bit dark. Try using a reflector on the side of the subjest opposite of the light source (window). A big, white piece of card will work, and a silver coated one is even better.

Posted at 5:36pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

Beautiful shop!
Your pictures are great in that they show different angles as well as being modeled - the only thing I can say is they are a bit on the dark side. If you can brighten them up it may help show off your work a little better

Posted at 5:37pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

I agree that photos are dark, like this on for example:

Great design obviously - that's why people are buying :)

good job!

Posted at 5:39pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

happysleepy, thanks for the great idea. I should have thought of that. We've had a series of dark gray days and all my photos are starting to look very depressing. A white or silver card to reflect the light back would fix that. When I adjust the photo in the computer it just starts to look too grainy.

Posted at 5:39pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

dirksendabbles, yes, I agree. That one is way too dark!
I even tagged it "moody" and "melancholia" just because of that :)

I'll reshoot and try to capture the bright colors that were painstakingly worked into this piece.

Posted at 5:41pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

I think your work is beautiful! Some of the photos are a bit dark and could be brighter, and some of the items are highly priced for my price range, like the scarves.

Posted at 5:51pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

Hi ashleysummer, thanks for your comment. I've been thinking about making a version of the circle scarf ( that is half the size. I would still want it to wrap three times, but it would be thinner. I took that item to crafts shows recently and people love them, but no one buys.
It just takes soooo freakin' long to make that one! That's what 437 yards looks like.

Posted at 6:02pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

I have to go, but thank you to everyone who commented. This was really useful! I'm very glad to have done this. I knew my photos were a bit dark, but now that is confirmed and I have a way to fix it AND I know that I'm on the right track working to develop a cheaper/faster circle scarf.


Posted at 6:12pm Dec 9, 2009 EST

Hey there, I reshot a number of items today with more light. Here is the felted hood again in a better (more whimsical) photo --

Posted at 3:55pm Dec 10, 2009 EST