Is it okay to put clear tape over the bar code on paypal shipping labels?

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Original Post

I've heard yes, and I've heard no. We're getting lots of rain this week and I'm concerned about the ink on the bar code getting wet and blurring.

Thanks in advance
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Posted at 8:25pm Dec 10, 2009 EST


OhFaro says

I do it ALL the time, have for years.

Posted at 8:28pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

OhFaro says

I cover the entire label with clear packing tape. Always have, with not one issue.

Posted at 8:28pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

My postmaster has said they can't scan it if it's covered. When you print the label, it states not to tape the bar code. Hope this helps.

Posted at 8:29pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

I just asked this at the PO today. They said not to. Put tape everywhere except over the barcode. That said, I just shipped from Ca. to NJ and didn't know this and the package made it fine.
The guy at the PO said sometimes the tape yellows and can be difficult for them to scan it, so they have to enter the code manually. If you think it's going to rain, I would tape over it. Your package will still be shipped.

Posted at 8:30pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

If you look at the instructions that print when you do the label from PayPal, UPS says to tape over the entire label. USPS (post office) says to NOT tape over the bar code. Hard to keep them straight...

Posted at 8:30pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

you are not supposed to, it can interfere with the code.

although I have heard people say they do it. but, as with most things, some people get away with it, and some dont.

Posted at 8:30pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

Yes, I read that. I'm wondering if they mean that beige packing tape you can't see thru.

Thanks OhFaro.

Anybody else?

Posted at 8:31pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

OhFaro said:
I do it ALL the time, have for years.

u r such a rebel !

Posted at 8:31pm Dec 10, 2009 EST

i tape over the addresses and the tracking number, but not the bar code.

Posted at 8:32pm Dec 10, 2009 EST