What does this mean...minky

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FlightLove says

i have some of this crazy fabric! if it weren't at the very bottom of 5 other fabric bins i would take a pic...but it is. it is just like the pic in the link someone posted earlier (with the bumpities) only a light seafoamish green color. i bought up a bunch of it because i had never seen it in that color before and have had it for years without knowing quite what to do with it. i mean, everyone make baby blankies-but i think i'll snatch up that pillow case idea...bwaahaahaa

Posted at 3:46 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

FlightLove says

and give said pillow cases to a sexy lady...bwaahaahaa

Posted at 3:46 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

FlightLove says

get it?

Posted at 3:47 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

I work part-time in a fabric store.
We all love this site.


Posted at 5:15 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

>>KajaDesign says:
When we're at it. What's the difference between plush, velour and minky? I'v got some items in my shop made of cotton velour, but I am not sure of how to tag the items. And I am not even sure that cotton velour is a name that anyone would search for.<<

Minky is much softer than velour or plush. It's quite silky, with a very short nap. Lovely stuff!

Most sellers here use it to make little baby blankets. If you tagged velour as minky you might get a very angry buyer. It's not the same at all.

Next time you're at a fabric store, ask the shop if they have any minky. Once you feel it, you'll understand the difference.

Posted at 6:44 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

isewcute says

minky = awesome! It's soooo incredibly soft! Fabulous fabric for a baby blanket!

Posted at 6:54 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

KajaDesign says

Thanks PeanutandTommy!

English is not my first language, I've only learned it in school, and somehow I must have missed out on the lession on fabric quality (because that must have been included in the plan, right??). So even if I know the Swedish word for it, I still have troubles using the correct english word for it, and it isn't helping that some time Brittish English, American English and Aussie English isn't the same and uses the sam word for different things.

Ok. So Minky is not the same as velour. Is velour the same as plush?? Or what would I call that cotton fabric??

Posted at 7:25 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

Like I said earlier, minky feels like the most incredibly soft suede you have ever felt.

Posted at 7:25 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

Kaja, velour and plush are not the same thing either, and in the US, neither one would correctly be called cotton fabric.

This is from wikipedia: Velour is a knit fabric, allowing it to stretch. It combines the stretchy properties of knits such as spandex with the rich appearance and feel of velvet.

The nap or pile of plush is longer and is less dense than in velvet. It doesn't stretch as much as velour.

Velour is silky and plush is soft. Does that make sense?

In the US, cotton fabric is thin, like sheet fabric, with no nap at all.

I hope this helps!

Posted at 7:47 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

Ooooh - love that fabric!! I have some deep dark chocolate brown and red and can't bring myself to even cut into it! What's wrong with me? LOL

Posted at 8:39 am Dec 16, 2009 EST

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