Paypal question - unconfirmed email address?

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Original Post

Has anyone had this problem? I just made my first sale tonight! Yea! I got both the emails from Etsy and from Paypal, but the Paypal one says this:

"Our records indicate that this email address is unconfirmed. In order to receive your pending payment, you must first confirm your email address."

I clicked on the link in the email, entered in my password, and the confirmation number that was provided in the email too, but it keeps saying that the confirmation # does not match their records for this account....what does this mean?

Please help!

Posted at 11:33pm Dec 15, 2009 EST


honeytree says

it's true, I've been on the other end , trying to send money to someone and they aren't getting it because they haven't confirmed their email address.
Just learned of this the other day with the helpful paypal folks on the phone

apparently one can buy things with an unconfirmed email address but not receive

going to your account and going to profile and confirming address from there should do it :)

Posted at 11:37pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

cheetaah says

I'm not getting it, your e-mail is not confirmed??? or the customer who bought?
How long do you have paypal?

Posted at 11:37pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

Faeorain says

In order to confirm a paypal account, you need to register a bank account with them. However, I didn't realize that they required that as long as they had a credit card number on file.

By the way...NEVER click on a link in an email from paypal, ebay, etsy, etc. Always go directly to the site to log in with your password. Someone can easily hack your account with bogus emails like that.

Posted at 11:39pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

Just log in to your paypal account directly...all your info should be there

Posted at 11:40pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

cheetaah says

do not enter any code untill you go to paypal site direct, what if it is a spoof email??

Posted at 11:40pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

honeytree says

very good point Faorain... about going directly to the paypal site and not clicking links in emails

Posted at 11:41pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

OH NO! the OP clicked on a link in an email???
sure hope that it wasn't can be wiped out in a heartbeat, bank account also..please say you did not do that!

Posted at 11:42pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

Thanks, honeytree. I logged back in to my Paypal account and found the Confirm Address button, and it worked now! I didn't realize you need a bank account linked to it either, and just did that tonight too.

Thanks for the tip Faeorain, I'll remember that from now on. :)

Posted at 11:44pm Dec 15, 2009 EST

Thanks for everyone's help - the payment has shown up now! I've never had a Paypal account before, so I'm still not sure how it all works. But I appreciate all the tips!

Posted at 11:47pm Dec 15, 2009 EST