Crochet Curling Problem

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Original Post

Experienced crocheters, I need your help! I'm making a poncho with a pattern that originally called for a knitted square, 24"x60". So I decided to try to crochet it instead. At this point I have a long strip 60" by about 3". The problem is that it's curling at each end. Will it still curl after I've done the whole 24"? Is this due to an error on my part, or does this always happen with crochet? Anything I can do about it? I thought about putting a crochet border around the whole rectangle when I'm done. Would that help?

Posted at 10:49pm Dec 16, 2009 EST


Crocheting doesn't curl as much as knitting. Just finish the edges with a picot stitch or something else. It is hard to say without seeing the pattern.

Posted at 10:53pm Dec 16, 2009 EST

It doesn't always do that... it may be the yarn that you are using or maybe you aren't doing your stitches right. Before adding a border, I would suggest "blocking" your piece- this basically means that you wet it, and then pin it down to a flat drying surface- I usually use my bed with a few towels laid down below the knitted or crochet'd piece.

If it still curls, a border will probably help.

Posted at 10:55pm Dec 16, 2009 EST

What stitch pattern are you using? I find that certain patterns don't always lend themselves to my own tension. For example, when I do a triple crochet stitch as an overall pattern, I have to skip back and forth between using three chains as my turning row and four chains otherwise I get either a curl or a ruffle.

It could possibly be something along those lines. Any pix to show us?

Posted at 11:50pm Dec 16, 2009 EST

it always curl for me the first rows. but you'll see the more you keep going the less it will curl :)

Posted at 11:55pm Dec 16, 2009 EST

Thanks, everyone. I guess I'll keep going with it. So it might be caused by the chain on the end of the row being too short or too long for my single crochet stitches?

I guess I'll try blocking first. I was concerned that it would curl back up again every time I wash it. But I'll try it. And if that doesn't work I'll go with the border idea.

Any other ideas?

Posted at 12:18am Dec 17, 2009 EST

crochetgal says

If you are working at an even tension, your crochet work should NOT curl at all. It should lie perfectly flat.

If you can post some photos so I can see what is happening, I may be able to give you some more suggestions.

Adding a border MAY help but I wouldn't guarantee it.

Posted at 12:22am Dec 17, 2009 EST

what crochetgal said.

Im curious as to what stitch you are using.
Tunisian ill curl more then other stitches because of the nature of the stitch. other stitches will lay flat as you go..
it depends on the piece and stitch and yarn and your tension.

Posted at 12:27am Dec 17, 2009 EST

crochetgal says

Actually cowgirlcrysi, Tunisian Crochet will NOT curl at all if it is done properly...

Posted at 12:41am Dec 17, 2009 EST

aelecurai says

Blocking can fix almost any curling problem if it's still doing it when you're finished. Here's a great article on blocking techniques for a variety of fibers:

If you're using acrylic instead of a natural fiber, do some searching on "killing acrylic." The biggest difference is that you can re-block natural fibers whenever you want, but killing acrylic yarn is pretty much permanent.

Whatever you end up doing, you don't need any fancy supplies - I just pin my pieces down to my mattress or the carpet.

Posted at 1:00pm Dec 17, 2009 EST