Do you love your sewing machine? I need a new one!

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Original Post

If you LOVE your sewing machine can you tell me what you have and,if you bought it online, where. I make handbags, some with heavy denim, and I've blown through 2 this year. Deb

Posted at 5:51pm Dec 19, 2009 EST


Yes, I love my sewing machine! I have an Elna and have had Elna's for years and years. I still have my first one, an Elna Super that is about 35 years old. I would never sell that one. I sewed all the kids clothes and my clothes and alot of my husbands clothing when they were all growing up on that machine and much more once I started into quilting.
You can buy those on-line I know. It is a heavy basic type with the cams for decorative stitches.
New ones (I have a 4 year old Elna Quilting Model) are computerized and have many neat things on them.
It depends what you sew and how much you sew. I also make handbags and have never had a problem going through fabric with my Elna.
But, for service, you need someone fairly close.
You can go on the website and find a dealer near you and start with that.
Also, go to your local quilt shop and ask the people there what they use. They would know where other dealers are also.
One lady in our quilt guild swears by Vikings, and two others swear by Bernina's. There are many levels of these brands and all price ranges.

Posted at 6:00pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

I have a Janome HT 2008. I make handbags, as well, and use mostly home decor (heavy weight) fabric. I've busted through some needles, but the machine iteself still works perfectly after almost 2 years. I bought it from a local store that recently became this place They were wonderful to work with, answered all of my questions, and will even do buy backs when I am ready to trade mine in. My only realy complaint would be that I would like if I could raise the presser foot a bit higher, as sometimes the corners can be tricky to get underneath it for sewing.

Posted at 6:06pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

I have the Juki TL98Q. I love this machine. I also make handbags. My handbags are double sided quilted fabric and this machine makes making them a breeze. Before I got this machine I was also going through at least one machine a year. Good luck in your search for a new machine.

Posted at 6:12pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Also check out older machines in cast iron from the 70's they are usually sturdier than newer models and great for heavy duty sewing. I have a semi vintage computerized iron Bernina 1230 from the early 90's and it's a great buy, but not as good for thick materials as my vintage Viking was.

Posted at 6:13pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

I have a Singer Simple 3116, and I love it! It can do lots and lots of different stitches, buttonholes, etc, and it's very user-friendly for someone like me who knows a bit about sewing and is eager to learn more and experiment with different styles.

I've used it for denim, but just ordinary denim, not necessarily heavy.

Posted at 6:17pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

ok. i know i will sound like a sewing snob, but i work in a costume shop, so i know a good machine when i see one, and i will not use anything other than a bernina. My mom's got a super old singer i love, but i'm all about bernina, they are pricy, but worth it.

Posted at 6:19pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

ByJudianne says

I make handbags as well and use a 25-30 year old Viking. Love it. It sews through several layers of fleece, heave interfacings, decor weight fabrics, etc. with no problem.

Posted at 6:23pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

oh. did i mention that with a bernina with a microtex needle you can sew through a couple layers of leather? denim is no sweat!

Posted at 6:27pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Thank you all for suggestions :-) Now I need to find someone that will let me test drive a few models. I'm ready to pay more for a great machine and there are some good reviews here. Merry Christmas to me this year!

Posted at 10:08am Dec 22, 2009 EST

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