Very Disappointed: Negative Feedback

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I have really never looked at a buyers feedback...this is not like e-bay

Posted at 11:06pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Please don't judge us all by one bad experience.

Posted at 11:06pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Jashme says

No need to leave the community. One bad feedback won't ruin your standing with the rest of us. Besides, it's feedback for you as a buyer. No one is going to refuse to sell to you because of it.

Posted at 11:06pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

BLSoaps says

1 - The seller is NOT banned. We can all see who it is because of your feedback. Which leads up to...

2 - This is completely against the rules to be calling her out, even if she deserves it.

3 - We definitely are not all like this. Yes, you got screwed over by a seller, but 1 negative feedback is not a good reason to write all of Etsy off. So sorry to be blunt, but you're over reacting on that end. It's not the end of the world.

4 - Have you even TRIED to contact admin? By the sounds of her feedback, the seller just went nuts, leaving negative feedback all over the place. I bet they'll remove it and then actually ban her.

5 - The feedback system definitely has major flaws, but the world doesn't revolve around it, and life definitely goes on. So take a deep breath and re-evaluate Etsy when you're not so upset.

Posted at 11:08pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Savanteer says

Just like any community, there are always bad apples. Just remember that 99.9% of a community are good, upstanding people.

Posted at 11:09pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

you have a legitimate beef with this seller, it looks like other buyers do too, you need to contact to have the negative removed.

Posted at 11:10pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Yes....what BLSoaps said...

Posted at 11:10pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

I hope Etsy remove the negative feedback. Obviously there was no reason for that. I hope you get your money back thru Paypal.

Posted at 11:17pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

Buyers are different than sellers. We have no way of reading your feedback before you purchase, so it doesn't matter!

Don't worry about it, you know the truth!

Posted at 11:18pm Dec 19, 2009 EST

I'm sorry! I hope it gets removed!

Posted at 11:19pm Dec 19, 2009 EST